TRUMP CAVES to GOP Establishment! ENDORSING Paul Ryan Tonight!!

El Trumpo suddenly discovered a new set of principles today and it’s being reported that he will indeed endorse Paul Ryan and cave to the head of the GOP establishment!!

I wonder what did it… could it be that he saw that Paul Ryan is absolutely OBLITERATING his crazy insane primary challenger Paul Nehlen in the polls?

Paul Ryan leads his Republican primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, by 66 points five days ahead of the election. Ryan leads with 80% to 14% for Nehlen with 6% undecided.

Paul Ryan’s image in the district mirrors the ballot. Ryan is extremely popular in his district with a favorable rating of 80% compared to an unfavorable rating of just 14%. Nehlen, on the other hand, is viewed unfavorably by 47% of likely Republican primary voters and viewed favorably by just 16%.

We know that the ONLY thing this infant cares about is looking like a “winner” so there’s no way he’d actually support someone out of principle – that just isn’t allowed in the new TrumpMerican Party of Populism.

In fact, this is what a very intelligent and handsome Mexican conservative said just 3 days ago:

“…once Trump sees that Ryan is doing well in the polls, he’ll turn on Nehlen just so that he’ll look like a “winner” instead of backing a losing campaign”

I don’t wanna say I told you so, but.. OK I REALLY want to say I told you so!! But I won’t.

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