Brutal Breakup: Trump Campaign Humiliates Paul Ryan Challenger Over And Over…

Get ready for a brutal breakup story, friends.

Yet another genius put their trust and faith into the cheeto-faced infantile moron and were paid back with humiliation and abuse.

This time it was Paul Nehlen, the nutty guy who thinks he had a chance at unseating Speaker Paul Ryan by advocating that all Muslims, including American citizens, be deported from the country:

LOL!! Aw man, that’s just sad!

All of his rabid sycophants were hoping that Trump might endorse nutty Paul Nehlen in order to unseat the GOP’s darling Speaker Ryan. Instead, Trump actually caved to Reince Priebus… YES, THAT REINCE PRIEBUS!! Most likely the weakest and worst negotiator in the world Reince Priebus got el Trumpo to bend to his will. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

Anyway, poor pathetic nutty Paul Nehlen, in the literal definition of a cuckhold (that’s a favored epithet of the alt-right racists who support Trump) went to watch as his BFF bequeathed his love to another.

And this is how they treated him:

Paul Nehlen, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Republican primary challenger, was ejected by Wisconsin GOP staffers from a Donald Trump rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin Friday night.

Nehlen was able to enter the premises of the rally before being urged to leave by individuals affiliated with the state party organization, according to his campaign. A Nehlen spokesman told The Daily Caller the Trump campaign had reached out and invited the congressional candidate to attend the rally earlier Friday.

Trump went on to endorse Speaker Ryan at the rally, as well as Arizona Sen. John McCain and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte in their respective primaries. The move is seen as a reversal from Trump’s comments Tuesday in which he praised Nehlen and refused to endorse Ryan in the Wisconsin congressional primary.

While Nehlen was not allowed to remain at the event, Ryan had made it known he would not be attending the Green Bay rally earlier in the week. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson — who’s currently in a bitter general election — also did not attend the event with Trump.

I imagine them grabbing him by the collar and tossing him out the back onto a pile of bags of trash, just like in the cartoons. Even if it didn’t happen that way, it… happened that way.

Earlier today, he tried to keep some semblance of self-respect by saying that it wasn’t Trump that tossed him out, but the Wisconsin State GOP, who are evil and mean.

THEN they began fighting over whether it was Trump or the Wisconsin GOP that threw him out!

THEN, the brutal killing stroke.

The Trump campaign utterly humiliated Paul Nehlem by letting the press know that they were the ones who kicked him out, not the state GOP as he had hoped:

Donald Trump’s campaign said Friday it barred House Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary challenger Paul Nehlen from entering the candidate’s Wisconsin rally because the candidate didn’t show a ticket, refuting Nehlen’s charges that the Wisconsin Republican Party was working to keep him away.

That is embarrassing. Nehlen is like a beaten discarded ex-girlfriend who keeps begging for signs of affection from their abuser. It’s pretty awesome.

Go ahead and read his long, rambling whiny statement at the Daily Caller – it’s just precious and hilarious. 

By the way, Paul Ryan is beating the soon-to-be-footnote by a staggering SIXTY SIX POINTS… but I’m sure having a desiccated pterodactyl stumping for him will bring out all the votes he needs to defeat the Trumpstablishment:

I can see the massive crowds forming now:

nehlen rally ann coulter 01

The schadenfreude is absolutely delicious.

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