Hannity Melts Down After CNN Media Critic Chastises Him For Pushing Trump Conspiracy

Here we go again with Hannity. Now he’s upset that CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter called him out for letting Trump go on and on about the election being rigged against him.

Here’s the video:

He summarized it in the tweet text, “Essay: Trump is sowing doubt about the legitimacy of the election. It’s dangerous. Press has a duty to challenge him.”

And he has a point. While I think that Democrats probably cheat in elections, there’s very little evidence of it and people often exaggerate in order to confirm their political bias.

Of course, dimwith meathead Hannity freaked out:

Here’s referring to an article that points out there were precincts where 100% of the vote went to Obama as evidence it was fixed for him.

Here’s how Stelter responded:

Stelter points out that there are precincts in other states, like Utah, where the same happens but for Republicans. But people like Hannity feed of this stuff because it’s easier than having to take a hard look at how the party failed – much less painful to blame a conspiracy.

The muttonhead continued:

There is an essential distinction here – most people believe it’s your duty to be honest in order to serve the country well. But Hannity believes he needs to lie to prove he’s “patriotic”… to Trump.

What a marooon.

Of course Stelter is biased. I’ve documented that many times. But that doesn’t excuse Hannity being a zombie idiot sycophant follower of Trump.

And consider what Trump is doing here – he’s laying the groundwork for calling the election a fraud if he loses. And then what? Will he seize power based on his idiotic claims that the election was stolen from him? Meanwhile his pathetic bloggers are creating cesspools of fear and hatred on the internet to feed the conspiracy.

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