‘I Was Given A False Narrative’ – Trump Morosely Making Excuses For Terrible Polls

El Trumpo finally awoke from his self-induced narcissistic reality denial in the Trump echo chamber and emerged to discover that he isn’t actually winning!!!

He gave a very morose, very Jeb-energy speech where he started to blame others for the terrible campaign:

“I was given a false narrative”? What was that exactly? Did someone tell Trump that he could be a complete idiot and win the election anyway? LOL! Or have the Trump kids been keeping his polls away from him for weeks now?

I think this is rather telling – he’s not only angry about the polling, but he’s blaming others. Of course. He never takes the blame.

SO what can we expect from this? Will he fire Manafort and bring back Lewandowksi?!? That would be amaaazing. And tremendous. And sad!

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