Jonah GoldBerg Triggers Hannity Twitter Threat As Sean Realizes Trump Will Lose

Sean Hannity has been throwing a lot of temper tantrums on social media and on his show lately, and he continued late last night in a whiny but brief tirade against Jonah Goldberg:


A.J. Delgado is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show as she is the only Trump zombie up to the challenge of out-leg-tingling Hannity. Now she and Hannity are rubbing both of their dimmest of wits together to spark into a condemnation and accusation against “Never Trump” adherents like Jonah Goldberg.

But why are they so obsessed with “Never Trump’? I thought that we were “irrelevant” and Trump would triumph over his enemies? Well it appears that Hannity got an adult to explain to him the polls finally, because he’s melting down into what could only result in his clinging to his brown belt in karate while muttering, “I’m a great American.. I’m a great American…” over and over.

I don’t even understand what “hold accountable” means. Does that mean screeching in his idiotic nasally voice “you just don’t get it,” which is the height of Hannity rhetoric and logic?

What a loser. This just shows how little faith they have in their cheeto-visaged vulgarian idol after gleefully mocking his opponents. Well they can try to scapegoat “Never Trump” all they want – it’s abundantly clear to everyone that it’s Trump’s own fault he’s driving away voters…

Delusional Sean Hannity Says IGNORE The Polls – Trump Is Winning TWITTER And FACEBOOK!