Matt Boyle Tried To SECRETLY Organize PROGRESSIVES To Get Michelle Fields FIRED

This is another one of those stories where you go, “of course that happened!” but it’s still kinda shocking. Breitbart’s Matt Boyle literally did what Trump morons accuse us of – he tried to join up with left-wingers in order to further his political agenda and attack his enemies.

From Yahoo News:

After former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields turned against the right-wing news site in May, the site’s Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle had an idea.

Breitbart has been a major booster of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the media company’s chairman, Steve Bannon, became the chief executive of Trump’s campaign on Wednesday. After Bannon joined Trump’s team, it was rumored Boyle would follow him to the campaign. However, Boyle was apparently willing to work with progressive activists to insult Trump if it might cost Fields her new job at the left-leaning Huffington Post, which hired her to cover Trump.

Yahoo News has obtained a copy of an email Boyle sent to a progressive activist on May 26, four days after Fields announced her new position with the Huffington Post. Fields infamously left Breitbart after she accused Trump’s then campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, of assault at a campaign event in March. Following the incident, Breitbart published pieces that questioned her story and Fields subsequently resigned.

Boyle’s message contained an open letter attacking Fields that he hoped the activist would encourage other progressives and union groups to sign. According to the source who provided the letter to Yahoo News, Boyle claimed he personally wrote the letter. Boyle’s letter described Trump and his policies as “dangerous” and implied that, as a conservative who “considered supporting and voting for Donald Trump,” Fields was not up to the task of covering his campaign and should be removed from her job by the Huffington Post.

Boyle clearly hoped the letter would not be linked to him. The subject line on his email to the progressive activist was written in all capital letters, “OFF RECORD — YOU DID NOT GET FROM ME.” Boyle’s message, which was sent from his personal Google email account, contained nothing other than the letter, which was titled, “An Open Letter To The Huffington Post From The Progressive Community.” Before criticizing Fields, Boyle’s letter cast Trump as a serious threat to the country.

Of course, the degenerate had no comment on what he did, but Michelle Fields definitely did:

This is the kind of scum that is going to sweep into the White House if Trump wins, and in the name of conservatism….

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