People Are Posting All The Terrible Things Kellyanne Conway Said About Trump Just Weeks Ago

It was a little surprising to find out that Kellyanne Conway was hopping onto the Trump train after months of beating down the con man, so people are posting videos of what she said about him just a few weeks back.

Here she is saying he should release his taxes:

Here she is talking about his “conservative apostasies” and how he built his business on the back of the little guy:

More on hurting regular people through eminent domain or not paying his contracts:

Here she is shutting down Scottie Nell Hughes and calling him “vulgar” for hurling personal insults:

Ugh the more I see these the less I think of her.

Someone put this together:

Here’s when she criticized him for mocking Cruz’s wife.

Ah well. I guess Trump tossed enough money her way to bury her principles and strongly held beliefs.

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