Here Are All Of Ann Coulter’s Tweets Saying Trump Will Never Support Amnesty (He Just Did)

So now that Trump is doing what every single anti-Trump person was saying in the primaries and said he’s going to amnesty illegal aliens, it’s time to point and laugh at the morons who actually believed this blithering idiot of a con-man.

Oh look here’s queen of the morons, Ann Coulter!!

Yes, that’s a quote reportedly from her book, which she just started promoting and she just released. She looks so stupid now that she actually said she might cut short the book tour because he’s for amnesty! LOL!!!

Here are some awesome tweets from Ann Coulter:

That’s her saying an “earned path” is amnesty! That’s exactly what Trump is saying now:

Here she is saying Trump is better than Reagan because Trump won’t give us amnesty! LOL!!

How can people be so dumb!! LOL!!

Ah back when rabid Trumpers attacked Cruz for being pro-amnesty. He wasn’t. They lied, and believed a conman, and now he’s pushing amnesty! That’s what you get when you choose a sleezy conman over a principled constitutional conservative!

And he’s due to “soften” even more tonight!! 

Here are some edits I made to her book to make it more accurate in light of recent events:

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