Here Are The Most Tremendous Tweets Trump Made AGAINST Amnesty (Now He LOVES It!)

In case you missed the political atom bomb dropping last night, el Trumpo finally proved all of his detractors right by flip flopping on amnesty. He earlier said he was “softening” on letting illegals stay in America, and last night he admitted before a rabid Hannity audience that he would be OK with legalization as long as they paid back taxes.

In case you’re keeping score, that’s what JEB BUSH’s position was, it’s what Marco Rubio supported and later rejected, and it’s what Trump falsely accused Ted Cruz of supporting!!

And all of sudden he loves amnesty because he’s crapping himself over the terrible polling.

Well, just to rub some lemon juice in his paper cut, here are some of the best tweets he posted against amnesty – let me start with the best one:

That’s the very first tweet Trump sent out with the word “amnesty” in it, and wow, doesn’t it sound like a good argument against what he’s pushing now? LOL!!!

But he’s pushing it now to shore up minority support. Weird.

Yeah, Soros also financed Trump Towers. Weird he doesn’t mention that.

Unless you’re down in the polls!

Great question, amnesty-pusher! LOL!

If it’s NOT popular, then why are YOU pushing it when your polls are down?

From the guy who also wants single payer government healthcare! LOL!!

LOL! STOP AMNESTY!! SO that Trump can push it later!!

He also called Ben Carson a child molester – Carson is currently on his campaign and planning on stumping the African American community for Trump.

Wow. Isn’t is amazing how a soulless idiot can completely turn on everything he’s said for years just because a pollster tells him to? LOL!!

I guess principles DO come in handy on occasion, don’t they?!

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