Trump Literally Polls Hannity’s Angry Mob On Whether To AMNESTY Or NOT Amnesty! LOL!

Everyone is freaking out now that we’ve discovered that Trump is a pro-amnesty RINO betraying scumbag. Well, to be fair, some of us knew that all along. But these morons are STILL backing him after he’s “softened” on the one issue that rocketed him into the nomination.

Here’s how he revealed his second softening to Sean Hannity’s mob of angry idiots:

So he doesn’t even know what his position is still – it’s to be determined! LOL!! How pathetic.

These are the morons who wailed against “traitorous” Republicans because they pushed immigration reform, and now they’re backing the exact same thing under this idiot! LOL!!

This shows the campaign is in complete disarray as Trump tries to do what Kellyanne Conways says will sway the polls, but also wants to hate-troll the entire world with Steve Bannon. Will there be any absolute statement on policy? I’m betting Trump will “pivot” back to an extreme position after seeing so much ridicule. The devil recoils from ridicule above all.

I wonder if Ann Coulter is going to shut down her book tour now like she said? I would go hound her on Twitter about it if I were you…

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