Fox News Should FIRE Lou Dobbs For ‘Doxxing’ Trump Accuser

“Doxxing” is a popular hobby online these days – it’s when someone releases private information for the sake of intimidation and embarrassment. And it’s really screwed up when the guy doing it is Lou Dobbs, Fox News’ resident cranky old conspiracy-theory-spewer.


Apparently the retweet was the personal information that another Trump cult member had discovered of one of the Trump accusers from the Grope-ageddon yesterday:

Fox Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs publicized the address and phone number of Jessica Leeds, one of the women who accused Donald Trump of groping her, to his 792,000 followers on Thursday morning.

Dobbs linked to a post from a conservative news site that purported to link Leeds to the Clinton Foundation. The site published Leeds’ address and phone number — taken from public records — and then claimed, falsely, that her phone number is the same as a phone number for the Clinton Foundation.

He also quoted a tweet from a Trump supporter, which has since been deleted, that included Leeds’ phone number and address.

Dobbs’ tweet has been retweeted more than 800 times.

People immediately freaked out and started demanding he be fired from Fox News. Frankly, I wouldn’t be opposed to this. Dobbs constantly demeans the news network with his insane Trumpy conspiracy theories, and this shows that he’s just gonna get worse, much like his orange-faced idol.

Yup. That’s how vindictive the Trump cult is – say anything against their orange-faced god and they will viciously attack you. And we want these degenerates to hold power in the name of conservatism?