O’Keefe Hidden Video Gets Two Dem Operatives FIRED!

The explosive videos from guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe have gotten a second Democrat political operatives’ job as it has just been announced that Bob Creamer has been FIRED from “Democracy Partners”!!!

Here’s James taking a victory lap:

Earlier CNN had a segment on the firing but they really make sure the audience knows that O’Keefe has been supposedly “completely discredited” and talk about his editing videos – they only do that with right-wingers of course.

Still, it’s a decent segment:

James O’Keefe mocked Creamer’s statement here in a video he just posted:

LOL! Great job, O’Keefe!!

You can see O’Keefe’s original video here at the Right Scoop, where Dems laugh about causing violence at the Chicago Trump rally, even though cops were injured. You can see video from that terrible mob attack here.

And the second video on massive voter fraud is posted as well…