Trump Spox Confirms Accusers Too Ugly For Donald To Sexually Harass

Mike Cohen is Trump’s lawyer and he loves and worships the Donald so much he’ll basically back up anything he says. And that made him confirm that it’s the campaign’s position that there’s no way Trump could have sexually harassed all of his accusers, because they’re just too ugly:

This blows my little brown mind. I mean, if you wanted to write a script for sexist misogynists to say things that prove 100% what far left screechy feminists believe about men, it would be what is coming out of the mouths of Trump and Cohen. Sexual harassment isn’t just motivated by attraction, a lot of it is motivated by brute force and the desire to overpower someone else. But to attack the looks of women who claim they were harassed is just so low and scummy.

Mike Cohen is a very special guy. He really worships Trump, as evidenced by this amazing moment with Jake Tapper, and he went so far as to say that you can’t rape your wife, after allegations of rape were discovered from Trump’s former wife while she under oath.

And let us never ever forget the most amazing Trump campaign moment of Cohen’s life – the amazing “says who?!” moment: