It’s Finally Dawning On Laura Ingraham That Trump Is a Moron

Well the debates have come and are gone. Did we get Trump obliterating Hillary like he promised? NOPE. Don’t get me wrong, he did well. But he’s also losing, badly. He needed a knockout punch and he didn’t get it.

About the only consolation we’ll have to the destruction of America is to laugh at the blind stupid idiots who sold out conservatism to this incompetent troglodyte.

In that spirit, here’s the truth dawning on Trump-humping degenerate Laura Ingraham as she watched the debate:

He can’t, because he doesn’t know.

And Trump said he loves Planned Parenthood. And that he would punish women who got abortions.

But he doesn’t.

She’s going all-caps pretty early here, even for a Trump-humper.

Ahhh he SHOULD be, but he’s NOT a small government guy, you idiot. He doesn’t want to cut the budget, he wants to BORROW MORE because money is cheap to borrow. And he wants to grow government in order to complete his authoritarian dreams. He wants single payer healthcare – guess who pays for that? It’s amazing that Ingraham actually still deceives herself into thinking he’s a small government conservative.

Almost as if he’s a grade schooler who didn’t study but keeps repeating one thing over and over because he can’t think of anything else. Weird!!

Because he’s a moron, just like we keep telling you.

She keeps tweeting lines she wishes he would say, but didn’t:

But he won’t. He’s focused on tabloid stupidity because he’s an infant.

Oh, that would have been a good line but instead this neanderthal shouts, “WRONG!”

Because he’s an idiot.

But this is the big one:

Uh oh… most Trump cultists accept that the “election is rigged” and only armed revolution will save America. Ingraham has caught a glimmer of accepting reality, but I have a feeling she’ll be able to shove it back down for the sake of her dim-witted audience.

Now comes the real freak out. They’ve been lying about the polls, and now reality will set in and they’ll become even more vicious. Because just like the infant they nominated, they can never take responsibility for their self-defeating actions.

Oh well, at least it’s entertaining.

UPDATE!! I just caught this after el Scoopo posted it at the Right Scoop – after whining on Twitter that Trump kept screwing up, Ingraham goes on Fox News and says everything is GREAT!! LOL!!

They have to keep the fantasy going for the dim-witted cult members…