Hey Eric Bolling Remember When You Said Trump Will Win Without Conservatives?

Now that all the Trump-humping cult zealots are out blaming “Never Trump” for their cheeto-faced orangutan idol losing to the cankled commie, let’s take a moment to laugh at Eric Bolling.

I mean, we could do that just generally, but in this case, let’s laugh at him for actually whining to Juan Williams that Trump doesn’t need the conservative vote to win in November:

We posted it originally at the Right Scoop a full 5 months ago this last May.

Just watch Juan Williams try to talk sense into the idiot, who is so pumped up on Trumpism he thinks he’ll win without conservatives.

But guess what?! They’ve completely changed their tune now! Now it’s the “Never Trump” people’s fault that this idiot is losing in the polls!! LOL!! How incredible is that. We tell them for months and months that the degenerate is going to lose to Hillary, then he starts losing to Hillary, and they blame us!!