Weird: New Emails Found By FBI Are NOT From Hillary…

Earlier the news broke that the FBI was “re-opening” their investigation into Hillary’s emails given new info:

CNN is reported that this has nothing to do with Wikileaks. BUT even if they say that, it may be the case that Wikileaks led them to new emails, and then they reverse engineered their way to “finding” those same emails on their own. This is all conjecture, of course.

But the details look terribly sketchy:

What the heck? This does not seem like the bombshell that the Trump camp is pretending it is…

Some are now thinking that Comey is just trying to salvage his reputation after being roundly criticized for exonerating the cankled Commie. No matter what, the headlines will be damaging to Hillary, even if there’s not much substance to the investigation.

[h/t Pie Monster Legomenon]