Unhinged Trumper Caught On Video Screaming ‘JEW-S-A!!’ To Media At Trump Rally

Some crazed Trumper seemed to be accusing the press of being apart of some Jewish conspiracy as he chanted “Jew-S-A” at the media.

He was caught on video:

In this one he says they’re working for the devil:

Is that Alex Jones with a wig?


I guess it doesn’t mean anything to him that Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism and married a Jewish guy?

Of course, if you try to point this out to a Trump supporter and they’ll say he was obviously a plant by Hillary. Because Trump and his supporters are pristine and can do no wrong.

Every time liberals do something awful (like this) that makes me rethink my anti-Trump stance, some helpful Trump moron like this guy pops up to remind me why I can’t bring myself to vote for their degenerate moron mob leader.