Unhinged Trumper Caught On Video Screaming ‘JEW-S-A!!’ To Media At Trump Rally

Some crazed Trumper seemed to be accusing the press of being apart of some Jewish conspiracy as he chanted “Jew-S-A” at the media.


He was caught on video:

In this one he says they’re working for the devil:

Is that Alex Jones with a wig?



I guess it doesn’t mean anything to him that Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism and married a Jewish guy?

Of course, if you try to point this out to a Trump supporter and they’ll say he was obviously a plant by Hillary. Because Trump and his supporters are pristine and can do no wrong.

Every time liberals do something awful (like this) that makes me rethink my anti-Trump stance, some helpful Trump moron like this guy pops up to remind me why I can’t bring myself to vote for their degenerate moron mob leader.

Weird: New Emails Found By FBI Are NOT From Hillary…

Earlier the news broke that the FBI was “re-opening” their investigation into Hillary’s emails given new info:

CNN is reported that this has nothing to do with Wikileaks. BUT even if they say that, it may be the case that Wikileaks led them to new emails, and then they reverse engineered their way to “finding” those same emails on their own. This is all conjecture, of course.

But the details look terribly sketchy:

What the heck? This does not seem like the bombshell that the Trump camp is pretending it is…

Some are now thinking that Comey is just trying to salvage his reputation after being roundly criticized for exonerating the cankled Commie. No matter what, the headlines will be damaging to Hillary, even if there’s not much substance to the investigation.

[h/t Pie Monster Legomenon]

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The Best Mormon Mafia Tweets, The BEST!!

A hashtag game sprung up overnight when someone noticed an absurd tweet that Fox News doxxer and rabid Trumper Lou Dobbs put out about Evan McMullin:

Yes, apparently he’s in the “Mormon Mafia”!!! LOL!! The very idea was so absurdly stupid that people began mocking it by tweeting their own examples of the horrific crimes of the Salt Lake City criminal organization:

(Mormons don’t imbibe caffeine.)



This one slayed me:



Even McMullin got in on it:

OK, not so much with the humor, but it was a very presidential tweet!! Trumpers are freaking out that McMullin is competitive in Utah and sneaking up on the Donald in Arizona where there’s a large Mormon population. See, the people who wanted to absolutely burn down the Republican party are very angry with anyone who puts their conscience ahead of the party.

Also don’t forget Lou Dobbs was the dumbass who doxxed someone on the internet for daring to go against his thug leader Trump.

Megyn Kelly Got Newt Gingrich To Meltdown Spectacularly

Wow. You have to see Newt spiral into a meltdown on the Megyn Kelly show tonight.

Watch this craziness:

I don’t know what to say. He just loses it. Does he really think berating Megyn Kelly about sex is going to get Trump some more votes? LOL… so much winning!!!

Guess what quote Newt is going to be forever known for?

Classy! Nothing like an old man defending another lecherous old man by accusing a woman of being fascinated by sex. I’m guessing Newt is just sick and tired of all the winning.

And of course, Trump’s scumbag social media scumbag went on Twitter to make a threat to Megyn Kelly, after saying she got “destroyed” by Newt:

What is that supposed to mean? Remember Trump’s liberal minion Omarosa saying everyone will have to kneel before Trump when he’s the ruler of the galaxy? That’s a real quote. I’m not joking.

BOOM! Wikileaks Shows Staff PANIC When Obama LIES About Hillary’s emails!!

I have been skeptical of Wikileaks promising enormous conspiracies and delivering very little, but this leaked email is a pretty big deal.

It’s from Cheryl Mills, top advisor to Hillary Clinton, and she’s freaking out when she realizes that Obama just LIED about not knowing about Hillary’s personal email server:


As with everything else, Obama absurdly says that he discovered that Hillary had a secret personal email account while at the State Department when he saw it on the news. But Mills notes, “we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov”, indicating he must have known because he got emails from her personal account.

Here’s the tweet referenced in the email:


This shows absolutely that they knew how much of a problem it was that Obama outright LIED to the American public about Hillary’s email, and that they needed to “clean” it up. Do they make “bleachbit” for presidential lies?

If Trump had at least one last dimly lit wit still firing, he’d be hammering the Clinton campaign with this email. In other words, that’s very unlikely to happen.

[h/t Jason Howerton]

Meanwhile, this is how Sam Stein of Huffington Post responds to the email:

This is how media bias works. When this happens to a Democrat, they say, “oh that’s been answered already, there’s no scandal anymore.” When it happens to a Republican, they say, “oh wow, that’s gonna keep this in the headlines,” and “this brings up new questions that must be answered!!” They must be really confused with this Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

Hey Eric Bolling Remember When You Said Trump Will Win Without Conservatives?

Now that all the Trump-humping cult zealots are out blaming “Never Trump” for their cheeto-faced orangutan idol losing to the cankled commie, let’s take a moment to laugh at Eric Bolling.

I mean, we could do that just generally, but in this case, let’s laugh at him for actually whining to Juan Williams that Trump doesn’t need the conservative vote to win in November:


We posted it originally at the Right Scoop a full 5 months ago this last May.

Just watch Juan Williams try to talk sense into the idiot, who is so pumped up on Trumpism he thinks he’ll win without conservatives.

But guess what?! They’ve completely changed their tune now! Now it’s the “Never Trump” people’s fault that this idiot is losing in the polls!! LOL!! How incredible is that. We tell them for months and months that the degenerate is going to lose to Hillary, then he starts losing to Hillary, and they blame us!!

Debunking Trump’s Idiotic ‘Over-Sampling’ Conspiracy Theory

I saw this conspiracy theory going around about a Wikileaks email that supposedly PROVES 100% that the Democrats are rigging polling by using “over-sampling,” but it looked pretty shady to me. The jargon in the email appeared to be out of context and mis-represented by an army of Trump cultists who will serve up the thinnest of evidence to prove their insane conspiracy theories.

Turns out my hunch was right.

Here’s one idiot pushing the conspiracy theory, while obscuring the entire email:


Here’s the orange-visaged vulgarian pushing it on his Twitter account:


But, as they point in the Wall Street Journal, the email is talking about polling that a campaign does in order to fashion its message to certain demographic groups. Because some, like Hispanics and Blacks, are small in certain communities, pollsters need to over-sample them to capture their true attitudes.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the polling you see publicized in the media, nor does it prove the supposed rigging of those polls.

From the WSJ:

Matzzie doesn’t appear to be talking about public polling — nor does it make sense that he would be, since public polls from media outlets are developed by pollsters who work for or with those outlets. Matzzie’s talking about polling that’s done by campaigns and political action committees to inform media buys. In other words, before campaigns spend $200,000 on a flight of TV spots, they’ll poll on the messages in those ads and figure out what to say to whom and then target that ad to those people as best they can.

The problem is that it can be hard to find enough people to get robust enough sample sizes to offer the necessary information. Normal polling in a state will usually have no problem getting enough white people in the mix to evaluate where they stand, but you may need to specifically target more black or Hispanic voters to get a statistically relevant sample size.

This makes a lot more sense than believing that the Hillary campaign actually figures out what samples they need in order to rig the polls and then sends this out to all the independent polling companies. Now look, if they find such an email showing the Hillary campaign doing just that, then you got them, and YES the polls are rigged. But that’s not what they found here.

If you’re trying to figure out how to craft a message to Hispanic voters in Colorado, for example, you’re going to need to seek out more Hispanic voters in the state to include in the survey. This is called an oversample, since it’s an intentional effort to include more people from a certain group in your sampling.

As I said before, Wikileaks promised huge conspiracy theories to be proven from stolen emails. Instead, they just showed us how mundane and boring politics really is.

UPDATE: Even Frank Luntz shot this dumb conspiracy theory down.

Now, go make fun of the morons pushing this conspiracy theory and shove this post in their faces.

The Dilbert Guy Promises To Assassinate Trump If He Acts Even Slightly ‘Hitlerish’

SO I get the feeling that Trump supporters are getting a little desperate. I say this because Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and big-time Trumper, is making you a promise that he’ll take drastic measures if Trump is elected and acts even slightly “Hitlerish.”

Wallow into the crazy:

My promise:If Trump gets elected, and he does anything that looks even slightly Hitler-ish in office, I will join the resistance movement and help kill him. Thats an easy promise to make, and I hope my fellow citizens would use their Second Amendment rights to rise up and help me kill any Hitler-type person who rose to the top job in this country, no matter who it is.

As I often say, Democrats generally use guns to commit crimes. Republican use guns for sport and for self-defense. If you are a Republican gun-owner, and you value the principles of the Constitution, Im confident you would join me in the resistance movement and help kill any leader that exhibited genuine animosity toward people because of their genitalia, sexual preference, or skin pigmentation.

In other words, Im willing to betmy lifethat themonster view of Trump is an illusion.

That said, I also dont know which candidate has the best policies. I wouldnt risk my life for any of their tax plans or ISIS-fighting strategies. Im only interested in helping the public see past their hallucinations about the monster under the bed. Youre on your own to decide who has the best policies.

I dunno, I’m thinking a dudewho use words like “Hitler-ish” probably don’t have what it takes to take on the federal government and take out a despotic president. Hey you remember when Trump said he’d make the military commit crimes against humanity, and if they refused, he’d FORCE them to? Yeah, just a reminder.

Darn good cartoon tho.

Rigged!! P0rn Star Accuser Of Trump Endorsed Obama In 2012!

El Trumpo tried to intimidate more women from accusing him of sexually harassing them by threatening litigation today, but that didn’t deter Jessica Drake – adult film star!!


He only offered her $10,000!? There’s no way he’s a billionaire, c’mon!!

That was dumb, she should have waited until he absolutely denied ever meeting her. Morans.


Well, at least he can’t claim that she’s not hot enough to sexually harass, like he did of the other victims.

Oh, and for Trump cultists who want to declaim her and call her a Democrat plant, here’s when she endorsed Obama in the last election:

A democrat plant trying to ruin the Republican party?!?! No wonder Trump was attracted to her, they have so much in common!!

SooperPodcast #221!! No-Hapax Cast With DrunkMatt

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It’s Finally Dawning On Laura Ingraham That Trump Is a Moron

Well the debates have come and are gone. Did we get Trump obliterating Hillary like he promised? NOPE. Don’t get me wrong, he did well. But he’s also losing, badly. He needed a knockout punch and he didn’t get it.

About the only consolation we’ll have to the destruction of America is to laugh at the blind stupid idiots who sold out conservatism to this incompetent troglodyte.

In that spirit, here’s the truth dawning on Trump-humping degenerate Laura Ingraham as she watched the debate:

He can’t, because he doesn’t know.

And Trump said he loves Planned Parenthood. And that he would punish women who got abortions.

But he doesn’t.

She’s going all-caps pretty early here, even for a Trump-humper.

Ahhh he SHOULD be, but he’s NOT a small government guy, you idiot. He doesn’t want to cut the budget, he wants to BORROW MORE because money is cheap to borrow. And he wants to grow government in order to complete his authoritarian dreams. He wants single payer healthcare – guess who pays for that? It’s amazing that Ingraham actually still deceives herself into thinking he’s a small government conservative.

Almost as if he’s a grade schooler who didn’t study but keeps repeating one thing over and over because he can’t think of anything else. Weird!!

Because he’s a moron, just like we keep telling you.

She keeps tweeting lines she wishes he would say, but didn’t:

But he won’t. He’s focused on tabloid stupidity because he’s an infant.

Oh, that would have been a good line but instead this neanderthal shouts, “WRONG!”

Because he’s an idiot.

But this is the big one:

Uh oh… most Trump cultists accept that the “election is rigged” and only armed revolution will save America. Ingraham has caught a glimmer of accepting reality, but I have a feeling she’ll be able to shove it back down for the sake of her dim-witted audience.

Now comes the real freak out. They’ve been lying about the polls, and now reality will set in and they’ll become even more vicious. Because just like the infant they nominated, they can never take responsibility for their self-defeating actions.

Oh well, at least it’s entertaining.

UPDATE!! I just caught this after el Scoopo posted it at the Right Scoop – after whining on Twitter that Trump kept screwing up, Ingraham goes on Fox News and says everything is GREAT!! LOL!!

They have to keep the fantasy going for the dim-witted cult members…

Megyn Kelly OBLITERATES Donna Brazile On Her Giving Hillary CNN Debate Questions

Wow. I have been harping on this issue for a few days and I’m so glad that Megyn Kelly gave it the coverage it needed. When she got Donna Brazile on the record, she absolutely obliterated her on how she passed on a debate question to Hillary Clinton from CNN.

Donna pathetically and shamelessly tries to cite the Bible while crying “persecution” but Megyn keeps pressing her on it.

Watch the exchange here, it starts at about the 5:40 minute mark:

If Megyn dropped the ball, it’s that she let Donna Brazile say “I’ve never gotten questions from CNN.” Clearly, she’s ignoring the possibility that she got them from Roland Martin, the degenerate from “One News Network” that they were partnering with on the townhall. He’s not “officially” CNN, so she could get away with saying that, while not denying that she got them from somewhere.

Still, it’s satisfying to see her absolutely grilled on it. You KNOW she’s guilty just from the fact that she’s unable to respond at all. Brazile can’t say that email is fake, because it’s most likely real. And she won’t say WHO she got the question from, because it’s most likely Roland Martin from One News Network. All of these lying scumbags should be taken down.

You can read about how she passed on a question to Hillary Clinton after getting it from CNN here.

Here’s how I tried to shame CNN’s Brian Stelter into covering the issue more:

I really hope Fox News keeps bludgeoning CNN, Roland Martin and Donna Brazile until some answers come out.

Trump REFUSES To Say If He’ll ACCEPT Election Results

This was a huge moment when Hillary tried to press Trump to say he’d accept the results of the election.

Here’s what he said:


This is really troubling. He’s radicalized his more extremist followers to believe that everything is rigged, and there are literally people calling for armed revolution against the American government. This infantile lying idiot is so self-centered that he’d cause bloodshed just to preserve his self-image.