Why Are Roland Martin And TV-One Getting A Free Pass On CNN Rigged Debate Scandal?

From the very beginning when Donna Brazile was found to have leaked Hillary a question from the Townhall debate against Bernie Sanders, there’s been one yuge glaring question few are asking: why is Roland Martin getting a free pass?

The failed CNN commentator who ran off to “TV One” seems to be the guy who provided Donna Brazile with the question they passed on to Hillary. But because CNN is trying to cover it’s ass (great job, Brian Stelter!!) and because of the general ineptitude of the Trump campaign, few are demanding answers from him.

Did he actually give her the question, and did he do it knowing they would end up in Hillary’s pneumonia-stricken claws?

This seems to be the only possibility allowed in the rambling interview a clearly rattled Brazile gave to Megyn Kelly, where the ONLY definite thing she could say is that she didn’t get the question from CNN. Either she was lying, or she got it from Roland Martin.

Either option doesn’t relieve CNN from responsibility. Firing Donna Brazile just isn’t enough to come even close to clearing CNN. They need to get these answers and come clean to the public.

And if Roland Martin can’t be completely exonerated, TV One needs to fire him, and CNN needs to commit to never partnering with TV One again on anything, much less a presidential debate or townhall.

But that’s not all!!!

There’s another glaring question still open – how did she get the second question that she passed on to Hillary?

That was the revelation just a few days ago from this Wikileaks email:

There is a possibility that she didn’t get it from CNN or any media figure because at the time of this email, she was out in Flint, Michigan, handing out water to the suffering residents:

Did she actually run in to the lady who was to ask the question? Brazile even tipped her hand that she knew the question would be addressed in this tweet:

On one hand, it’s not a huge leap to think that a debate held in Flint, Michigan would feature a question about the poisoning of their water. On the other hand, she was out there with other CNN figures and employees, and any one of them could have passed on the question to her that she would email to Hillary Clinton.

But we don’t know because CNN is allowed to stall on answering these very important questions, while giving Roland Martin and “One TV” a free pass on an enormous scandal that completely stains the reputation of CNN.

If anyone was running a competent presidential campaign on the Republican side, they’d be pressuring CNN and these cheating morons…