Despicable Bill O’Reilly Tells Megyn Kelly She Should’ve Shut Up About Sexual Harassment

Scumbag Bill O’Reilly just couldn’t keep his stupid mouth shut after being humiliated yesterday morning about Megyn Kelly’s book, so he decided to scum it up at the end of his show and criticize her for being “disloyal.”

Watch below:


In case you don’t know what he’s referring to, Megyn Kelly accused the former head of Fox News of sexually harassing her, but Bill O’Reilly, great Christian that he is, is angry that she talked about it. According to him the only thing someone should do about sexual harassment is report it to Human Resources or quit their job. And actually, the idiot is too stupid to know that Megyn DID report it to Human Resources and no one did anything about it!!

Of course, O’Reilly has been accused of sexual harassment himself multiple times, so his calling Megyn “disloyal” is more a reflection of what a scumbag he is than anything about Megyn.

This isn’t about “loyalty,” this is about one scummy old man using his power to force women to submit sexually to him. And Bill O’Reilly just wants them to shut up about it. What a disgusting coward.

Here’s how the moron melted down yesterday morning: