Jill Stein Is Scamming Gullible Liberals For MILLIONS Over An Electoral Recount!!

This is one of the most delicious stories this Thanksgiving – Jill Stein has been blamed by liberals for screwing over Hillary in the election, and now they’re accusing her of scamming money for a recount!!!

So a few days ago she announced that she was going to do what cowardly Hillary wouldn’t, and call for a recount in the election. Then she began raising money. Her first target was only a million dollars – now it’s seven million!! But – she announced that they raised enough money for a recount yesterday – why are they still raising money?

From NBC News:

Green Party nominee Jill Stein appeared to have met her initial fundraising goal early Thursday for recounts of the vote in three key swing states that went to Donald Trump — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

However, she quickly raised the sum being sought by another $2 million. “Raising money to pay for the first round so quickly is a miraculous feat and a tribute to the power of grassroots organizing,” a message on her website read.

THEN people realized that the fine print says that maybe probably kinda the money she raised wasn’t all gonna go to the recount:

Fine print: This could be a scam, stupid. LOL!!

And then she changed the goalposts to raise more money:

WHOOPS!! Isn’t asking for money for a cause and then putting that money elsewhere also called a SCAM and a FRAUD? LOL!!

Then there’s this:


Here are some more reactions from Twitter:

It really seems like she’s just cashing in on the anger:

Oh well, at least it’s entertaining. And we finally discovered something that the GOP is better than the Democrats at – our scam artist got into office while their scam artists are jacking their supporters in a fake attempt to get him out!!