Here Is The Trump-Voting Rosa Parks For Oppressed White People

After decades of searching for the most oppressed white person in America, we have finally found the most noble and innocent victim of black African American privilege Affirmative Action.

Behold, the oppressed white woman at Michaels:

Ugh. It’s no wonder that Trump won with this kind of heartless and cruel oppression that white people have faced. I hope someone sets up a GoFundMe for this poor white woman. How dare these colored people ask her to calm down as she calls them “animals” when they’re clearly suppressing her rights as an oppressed white woman.

It’s really amazing that Gringo-Americans have been able to succeed despite facing this kind of oppression while suffering under the yoke of possessing ten times the net worth of their black oppressors on average. I hope Trump does something about this terrible oppression of gringos soon. MAGA!!!