A Very Short Non-Spoiler Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Review

I saw “Rogue One” the first chance I could get, and I have to say I was very impressed. I have not enjoyed a movie like that in a long, long time.

If you disliked “The Force Awakens” and are afraid you’ll be disappointed by “Rogue One,” I’d say give it a try. “The Force Awakens” seemed to me to cross the line from homage into predictable retread of the original trilogy. “Rogue One” is different – it’s not completely in the spirit of the original trilogy, but enough to be satisfying without simply repeating the same themes.

The cinematography was enjoyable without demanding too much attention. The acting was great. The movie was not sterile and heartless like the gawd-awful prequels – it really felt like you were actually watching real places and people. It creates its own character while respecting the Star Wars universe, adding to it without wasting the pop culture capital any Star Wars movie automatically receives.

There’s one really amazing, incredible thing. That’s all I’m saying. You’ll know when you see it.


I really can’t say too much more without spoilers. And I won’t do that to you – go see it and enjoy it.