Bill O’Reilly Defends His ‘White Establishment’ From Nefarious Diversity of Liberals

So, Bill O’Reilly sounds like he came out as a full white nationalist today as he decried liberals for wanting to take power away from the “white establishment.” No, really, he said that.

Watch below:

A longer video is available at the riiight scoooop.

Is that really what conservatism is conserving? White establishment power? Here I thought it was about free markets, free people, and getting the government out of our way. Well, I feel stupid. I wish the GOP had mentioned this earlier.

Fox News is pretty open about it:

Well darn. As you probably know, I’m a minority conservative, and I really hate and despise how the left makes all politics about racial identity, as I wrote here. But the age of Trump makes it sound like “conservatism” is being redefined as pro-white identity politics. This can’t be a coincidence, right?

There’s been some push back from my interpretation from some of the commenters at the scoop – here’s more of Bill O’Reilly frail white establishment being threatened by colored people:

Maybe all the Fox News hosts are subtly going alt-right… or maybe they’ve been there all along.