‘The Five’ Panel SLAPS DOWN CNN’s Media Critic Brian Stelter Spreading FAKE NEWS Delta Story

Greg Gutfeld, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery and the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino ganged up on the execrable media critic from CNN Brian Stelter for helping spread the absurd story of a YouTube hoaxster crying racism on a Delta flight, and it’s really entertaining to watch.

Greg began the dogpile with this critique:

And the panel continued on after his commentary:

They’re one million percent on this, even if that’s mathematically dubious. Brian Stelter is supposed to be CNN’s media critic and he’s on his own personal crusade against “fake news,” but when it’s a Muslim whining “racism” he spreads the story without using the dim wit that’s supposed to possess his failed faculty of critical thinking.

This is what he tweeted:

Now it turned out that the scumbag was lying about the supposedly “racist” passengers and he was disturbing a flight with his idiotic antics, but Stelter didn’t give any thought to that possibility when he propagated the fake news.

And he wonders why people mock and distrust the mainstream media.

Finally, how awesome was it too see Lisa Kennedy on “The Five”? Seriously they need to dump one of the Trumpers that just repeats bland Trump talking points and bring on Kennedy with Gutfeld and Dana.