Farewell Dr. Thomas Sowell…

It with truly a heavy heart that I have to report on the retirement of the conservative intellectual icon, and my personal hero, Dr. Thomas Sowell. He announced earlier today that he would be focusing less on politics in his last column simply entitled “Farewell”:

Even the best things come to an end. After enjoying a quarter of a century of writing this column for Creators Syndicate, I have decided to stop. Age 86 is well past the usual retirement age, so the question is not why I am quitting, but why I kept at it so long.

It was very fulfilling to be able to share my thoughts on the events unfolding around us, and to receive feedback from readers across the country — even if it was impossible to answer them all.

Being old-fashioned, I liked to know what the facts were before writing. That required not only a lot of research, it also required keeping up with what was being said in the media.

During a stay in Yosemite National Park last May, taking photos with a couple of my buddies, there were four consecutive days without seeing a newspaper or a television news program — and it felt wonderful. With the political news being so awful this year, it felt especially wonderful.

This made me decide to spend less time following politics and more time on my photography, adding more pictures to my website (www.tsowell.com).

The former Marine became a student of the brilliant Milton Friedman after receiving a doctorate in economics at the University of Chicago. His books and essays forcefully and elegantly defend the economics and politics of freedom and liberty with peerless clarity. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Fred Barnes has a great post lauding Sowell as “America’s Greatest Public Intellectual” – it is no exaggeration:

What made his columns so good? He wrote with sparkling clarity. He relied on facts. He didn’t showcase his scholarship, but his range of subjects was impressive. He understood his readers and didn’t write down to them. He was prolific. He wrote two columns a week and, when he had more to say, sometimes three or four. Best of all, he analyzed things from conservative—and somewhat libertarian—perspective better than anyone else and in fewer words.

…Absent the columns, Sowell enthusiasts can turn to his books. They cover a breadth of subjects. The first one I read was Ethnic America about how immigrants have fared in this country. It’s an example of his style: scholarly but filled with fascinating details and written for the average reader. It’s a great book, though not political. I was hooked.

He’s best known for his work on economics and race—that is, economics and race all over the world. He’s also written about late-talking children, liberal intellectuals, civil rights, the education system, markets—and I could go on.

One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard came from Sowell, and it encapsulates so much of what I believe is the essence of conservatism – “there are no solutions, there are only tradeoffs.” I know, it’s not terribly sexy, but there is an enormous amount of simple wisdom in it, and it honestly brings great joy to my heart.

If Sowell is foreign to you and you’d like a primer, watch some videos to get acquainted. He is a fantastic antidote to the mindless meme drivel that conservatism has been reduced to in the last few years. But pick up his books and read his columns. If you hunger for knowledge and reason, he will satiate while creating more capacity and desire for both.

Here’s an awesome debate where he and Milton Friedman obliterate liberal hero Francis Fox Piven:

Pretty much any interview with Sowell is filled with simple, but not simplistic, explanations of why conservatism explains the world and liberalism fails.

The Hoover Institution has fantastic interviews with Sowell and they’re thoroughly enjoyable:

Pretty much pick an interview at random. I haven’t been once disappointed as long as Thomas Sowell is allowed to speak at length. Here’s one with William F. Buckley:

One of the greatest moments of my life is getting to speak to the man and tell him personally how much I admired him. I even got him to chuckle at one of my jokes.

It is truly a sad day that such a brilliant man has retired, but we are left with a mountain of his great work to digest and savor.

God bless you, Dr. Thomas Sowell.


The Great Mike Rowe Blames ‘Spoiled’ American Society For Ignoring Job Opportunities

In a really great interview with Mike Rowe, he talks about the incredible gap between a generation of Americans who can’t find work, and the enormous blue collar job opportunities they’re ignoring.

Watch below:

It really blows my mind how Mike Rowe is such a “cassandra” figure – in Greek mythology she was cursed by the gods with the ability to see the future, but have no one listen to her. Rowe has a very wise view of the economic reality in America, but so few people want to listen to him. I’m a huge fan of Mike Rowe – I haven’t seen the dude swing and miss on any topic so far…

SoOperPoDcast #230!! Dixie Mamacita Diseased Moded Navidad Gaslighting Special!!

This podcast I sing all my favorite Spanish Christmas songs, Matt coughs up a kidney and dies on air, and Hapax Legomenon curses up a storm about gaslighting, and el Sooper gets self-moded and molded and we talk about Bill O’Reilly’s white establishment. It’s a Sooper Christmas Special!!! Wow you HAVE to listen!!!

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We had a preview – you can listen to it below:


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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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‘The Five’ Panel SLAPS DOWN CNN’s Media Critic Brian Stelter Spreading FAKE NEWS Delta Story

Greg Gutfeld, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery and the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino ganged up on the execrable media critic from CNN Brian Stelter for helping spread the absurd story of a YouTube hoaxster crying racism on a Delta flight, and it’s really entertaining to watch.

Greg began the dogpile with this critique:

And the panel continued on after his commentary:

They’re one million percent on this, even if that’s mathematically dubious. Brian Stelter is supposed to be CNN’s media critic and he’s on his own personal crusade against “fake news,” but when it’s a Muslim whining “racism” he spreads the story without using the dim wit that’s supposed to possess his failed faculty of critical thinking.

This is what he tweeted:

Now it turned out that the scumbag was lying about the supposedly “racist” passengers and he was disturbing a flight with his idiotic antics, but Stelter didn’t give any thought to that possibility when he propagated the fake news.

And he wonders why people mock and distrust the mainstream media.

Finally, how awesome was it too see Lisa Kennedy on “The Five”? Seriously they need to dump one of the Trumpers that just repeats bland Trump talking points and bring on Kennedy with Gutfeld and Dana.

Feminist Discovers Newfound Respect For Harassment of Women in The Age of Trump!

Shrieky hysterical feminist Jessica Valenti has discovered a new respect and support for the public harassment of women – as long as the targets are related to Donald Trump!


Jessica was able to shut down her feminist hysteria in favor for sexist misogyny because some embittered liberal was stupid enough to yell and scream at Ivanka Trump on a plane. The moron was ejected from the plane, and Jess applauded them for speaking stupid to power, or something.


I don’t know anyone who actually does this, but we won’t let facts get in the way of a bitter hysterical feminist rant, will we?!

Seriously, she’s speaking out of complete ignorance of the situation. That means that this person could have said anything at all, even the most obscene insult and threat, and Valenti would have supported it. Impressive lack of intellectual continuity, I have to admit. Frailty, thy name is Valenti.

You mean like how Obamacare ruined healthcare for millions? Like that? Oh, not like that. We don’t get to protest that. OK got it.

This woman has literally made a career out of infantilizing women from criticism. Lit-er-ally.

Ivanka’s kids were actually there!! Doesn’t matter to Valenti and her conditional feminism.

This really should have an asterisk:

*may be ignored when pointed at people you disagree with politically.

This is just like some liberals say that “people of color” philosophically cannot be racist against whites, because they aren’t empowered societally. In this case, you simply cannot be sexist or harass Ivanka Trump because Jessica hates her. Makes sense? No? Beat your head a couple of dozen times with a brick and you might get on Jessica Valenti’s intellectual level…

Muslims Need To Call Out Adam Saleh As A Lying Opportunistic Scumbag

OK so this story broke pretty yugely this morning about a Muslim YouTube star videotaping his being kicked off of a Delta flight just for “speaking Arabic”:

The problem is that this guy is a YouTube star because he posts PRANKS on his channel, as seen below:


So it turns out that he might have been exaggerating to the point of lying about why he was kicked off. That’s what the other passengers and Delta are saying.

From Buzzfeed:

In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, Delta Airlines said Saleh and the others removed from the flight appeared to have “sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior,” suggesting the entire event may have been staged.

“While one (passenger), according to media reports, is a known prankster who was video recorded and encouraged by his traveling companion, what is paramount to Delta is the safety and comfort of our passengers and employees,” the airline said in a statement. “It is clear these individuals sought to violate that priority.”

In the past, Saleh has also had to come clean about a viral video he had produced purporting to show anti-Muslim discrimination on the streets of New York, admitting later that it had been a staged “dramatisation.”

Hmm yeah sounds like a bunch of BS to me. They clarified why they were standing on the side of the passengers and not Saleh:

Airline officials, however, said in a statement that after speaking with crew members of the flight and several passengers, they believe Saleh and his companion tried to cause the disruption with yelling and other behavior.

Marvin Avilez, a passenger on the plane, told BuzzFeed News that after speaking with five passengers who witnessed Saleh’s behavior — Avilez himself didn’t see much of it — he didn’t think Saleh was calling his mother and that the two were instigating other passengers.

Avilez said it didn’t seem like Saleh made a call, adding, “I would want to see his phone records.”

Some passengers told Avilez that Saleh’s friend was prompting Saleh to say words in Arabic and to pump his fists in the air. He said that Saleh repeated those words and pumped his fists four to five times in a “joking manner, without any hint of aggression or anger.” Still, he said, about 20 “people felt very uncomfortable.”

It really sounds like Salah and his friend were going out of their way to cause a disturbance and push it on social media when people reacted reasonably. And if that’s the case, then Muslims need to come out and decry this damnable idiot.

He’s just trying to cash in on “islamophobia” but in doing so with this hoax, he just makes things worse for Muslims, and brings on suspicion and doubt any time there’s a real “hate crime” against Muslims. So Saleh is just cashing in on the misery of his community, and that makes him a scumbag.

Even far left race-baiting loony Soledad O’Brien disputed the story:

I mean when you’ve lost Soledad…

Bill O’Reilly Defends His ‘White Establishment’ From Nefarious Diversity of Liberals

So, Bill O’Reilly sounds like he came out as a full white nationalist today as he decried liberals for wanting to take power away from the “white establishment.” No, really, he said that.

Watch below:

A longer video is available at the riiight scoooop.

Is that really what conservatism is conserving? White establishment power? Here I thought it was about free markets, free people, and getting the government out of our way. Well, I feel stupid. I wish the GOP had mentioned this earlier.

Fox News is pretty open about it:

Well darn. As you probably know, I’m a minority conservative, and I really hate and despise how the left makes all politics about racial identity, as I wrote here. But the age of Trump makes it sound like “conservatism” is being redefined as pro-white identity politics. This can’t be a coincidence, right?

There’s been some push back from my interpretation from some of the commenters at the scoop – here’s more of Bill O’Reilly frail white establishment being threatened by colored people:

Maybe all the Fox News hosts are subtly going alt-right… or maybe they’ve been there all along.

That MTV ‘White Male’ Resolution Video Is Obscenely Stupid

If there’s anything that reminds me how much I hate liberals and the pathetic ideology that breeds them it’s execrable videos like this one of smug degenerates smugly condescending to a group of people because of their race and gender.

It’s OK because they target the right race and gender:

How do these morons not realize that being snarky assholes just gives more ammunition to the right side? I dislike Trump but seeing this kind of drivel makes me happy that he’s making their dim-witted brains implode and causing their sweet tears to flow like the falls at Niagara.

I despise every one of these morons.

Jake Tapper TORCHES TWO ‘Russia Today’ Journalists On Twitter!

A “reporter” from “Russia Today,” Putin’s media propaganda ministry, just discovered what happens when you try to go up unprepared against CNN’s Jake Tapper – you get torched.

It started when Tapper praised a Vietnam veteran and hero:

For some reason, Anya Parampil thought this was her opening to rip into American media:

That was a mistake:

It’s absolutely insane to believe the U.S. is still covering up what happened – especially coming from a reporter working for a Kremlin propaganda outlet!! And whatever you may think of a war, that doesn’t meant there aren’t heroes doing good things. It’s an absurdist standard of virtue made by someone who doesn’t have a good grasp of how logic works.

Jake Tapper ain’t takin’ none of that trash:

What’s funny about her response is that Tapper didn’t really make any added commentary about the irony – but she was offended anyway:

Dang Jake!!


This is in reference to Putin’s enemies being poisoned with polonium. Not a joke, not really disputed.

THEN ANOTHER RT reporter tags in!!!

BOOM!! Eviscerated!!!

See how it went from the object of coverage to… the geography of coverage? Who cares where he’s reporting from is he’s just pitching Kremlin-approved propaganda?

Notice – SHE went after Tapper and got torched. She’s the one who acted like a troll here.

Daaaang. Jake Tapper ain’t perfect, but don’t start a debate with the dude if you don’t got facts on your side. Or if you work as a Putin butt-kisser for his propaganda media operation.

[h/t @tahoebearrr]


A Very Short Non-Spoiler Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Review

I saw “Rogue One” the first chance I could get, and I have to say I was very impressed. I have not enjoyed a movie like that in a long, long time.

If you disliked “The Force Awakens” and are afraid you’ll be disappointed by “Rogue One,” I’d say give it a try. “The Force Awakens” seemed to me to cross the line from homage into predictable retread of the original trilogy. “Rogue One” is different – it’s not completely in the spirit of the original trilogy, but enough to be satisfying without simply repeating the same themes.

The cinematography was enjoyable without demanding too much attention. The acting was great. The movie was not sterile and heartless like the gawd-awful prequels – it really felt like you were actually watching real places and people. It creates its own character while respecting the Star Wars universe, adding to it without wasting the pop culture capital any Star Wars movie automatically receives.

There’s one really amazing, incredible thing. That’s all I’m saying. You’ll know when you see it.


I really can’t say too much more without spoilers. And I won’t do that to you – go see it and enjoy it.


SoOperPOdCast #229!!! How to trigger Kung Fu Hannity!! With Matt!

This week we suspend Jessica Hapax AGAIN, this time for wearing a bucket and stealing pigeons before falling off a ladder, so it’s just Matt and el Sooper. This week we have to apologize as we were too lazy to get drunk and actually had a halfway decent intellectual conversation about politics!! IT WAS AWFUL!! We talk about the sooper secret elector scheme to take away Trump’s victory, why Obama screwed over Hillary, how el Trumpo totally psyched him out to screw over Hillary, why both sides are scumbag lying pieces of crap, how I got Sean Hannity triggered, the origins of the word cuckservative, why Eric Bolling is so dum, how to be a cultural Christian, how I pissed off Ayman Moldysheen from MSNBC, why Trump lies about Carrier, and finally we have a financial nation, not an agricultural country!! WOW!!! You have to listen NOW!!!

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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AP Reporter CRUSHES State Dept’s Kirby on Obama’s abject failure in Syria

AP reporter Brad Klapper very carefully dismantles John Kirby of the State Department about the abject failures of Obama that led to the massacre in Aleppo, Syria.

It’s nice to see someone actually be forced to face their failures of this administration, even if it won’t alleviate any of the evil in Syria:

It is really shocking to me how bad John Kirby is at his job, and it’s difficult to figure out if he’s bad at defending bad excuses that are forced upon him by the State Dept, or if he makes up these bad excuses himself. In any case, it’s bewildering to see him actually try to deflect from Obama’s abject failures in Syria by redefining “failure” as Russia’s failure to defend human rights.

I mean, wow.

Here’s the thing, moron. Russia isn’t even remotely trying to defend anyone’s human rights. They don’t give a damn about anyone’s human rights. So they can’t be failing at something they’re not trying to do. They define victory as propping up their ally, Assad, in Syria, and they’re doing a fantastic job of that.

The State Department, and Obama, on the other hand, DO define success as defending human rights. And they’re failing, badly, at it. Ironically, Obama even intimated 5 years ago what that would look like when he said, “Assad must go.” Then he sat on his ass and did nothing about it while the rest of the world laughed at him, and by extension, America.

So, five years later, this idiot actually wants to redefine success for Russia because Obama has failed so miserably at what he set out to do. And now there’s a humanitarian crisis and a bloody massacre that can be squarely blamed on Obama’s ineptitude.

But I’m sure those being slaughtered in Aleppo will feel better when they hear Obama said that Russia is failing at being nice people.

SoOperPodcast #228!! Ted Cruz Cheese Rap And Hatchimal Crisis With Matt

This week we suspended fake news anchor Jessica Heddings from the podcast for colluding with Moravia to steal Ted Cruz’s emails and help Marco Rubaeio, and we talk instead with hatchimals correspondent Matt Dawson. Let’s see, we talk about why Mexican Spanish is different from Southern American Spanish, and Jessica’s role in PizzaGate, and we have a reaction audio to “oreo-bot” which goes horribly and I mostly edit out, also the Ted Cruz cheese rap, and why Jessica saps Matt’s intelligence. Wow it’s very Jess-centric even though she’s not there. Weird. Go get drunk and listen right NOW!!!

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Alt-Right Racist Leader Richard Spencer Once Worked With Trump’s New Senior Policy Advisor

One of Trump’s most obnoxious and scummy campaign lackeys was Stephen Miller, and he’s just been promoted to the position of “senior policy advisor” to the president-elect.

That might not help Trump in trying to claim that he’s not sympathetic to the aims of the racist alt-right movement, because according to one of the leaders of the alt-right, Miller and he worked together in college on political policy advocacy!! Especially in the field of… immigration. Hmm.

Spencer admitted it in an interview with Mother Jones – he seemed surprised anyone had figured it out, and didn’t want to talk about it much because it might hurt Trump’s campaign:

Spencer was more explicit about his views on race and immigration with members of the Duke Conservative Union, where he says he clicked with a columnist for the campus newspaper and fellow DCU member named Stephen Miller. Miller—who would earn acclaim for standing up for white lacrosse players falsely accused of gang raping a black woman—is now a senior adviser to the Trump campaign.

Spencer also defended the Duke lacrosse players, writing about the case for The American Conservative—but that’s not the only reason he and Miller hit it off. Spencer says Miller helped him with fundraising and promotion for an on-campus debate on immigration policy that Spencer organized in 2007 featuring influential white nationalist Peter Brimelow. Another former member of the DCU confirmed that Miller and Spencer worked together on the event. At DCU meetings, according to a past president for the group, Miller denounced multiculturalism and expressed concerns that immigrants from non-European countries were not assimilating.

“It’s funny no one’s picked up on the Stephen Miller connection,” Spencer says. “I knew him very well when I was at Duke. But I am kind of glad no one’s talked about this because I don’t want to harm Trump.”

For his part, Stephen Miller denied everything, because that’s kind of a problem.

Miller did not respond on the record to specific questions about his activities with the DCU or his views on immigration, but he denied being close to Spencer. “I have absolutely no relationship with Mr. Spencer,” he wrote in an email to Mother Jones. “I completely repudiate his views, and his claims are 100 percent false.”

Spencer talked about his past friendship with Stephen Miller at about the 57 minute mark in this interview on the Jamie Weinstein show:

Spencer explains that Trump isn’t alt-right, but he’s a first step towards the alt-right. Maybe Stephen Miller is a stepping stool on that little ideological trip…