Sean Hannity Says ‘Make RUSSIA Great’ Tweet A Mistake, Also Called Aaron Rodgers GAY

Sean Hannity is very excited to make Russia great again. He’s such a buffoon that the moron retweeted this post from an anti-Trump guy saying “MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN” and says that he didn’t read it. It’s in all caps. And the hashtag has an “R” not an “A.”

Kung Fu Hannity destroyed the tweet with a might hand chop, but we have a screenshot:

It was up for at least half an hour and possible much longer, before the idiot realized what he’d done. He tried to explain later:

Here’s the tweet he retweeted – it hasn’t been deleted because “@donnielilhands” is an anti-Trump account:

Maybe Hannity is only pretending to have retweeted it by accident. Of course the last time Russia could be considered “great” in any sense of the word was when it was a great big prison for people who wanted to be free.

OH well. Far be it from me to try to glean any sense out of that imbecile’s statements.

The troll was responding to this tweet from Hannity, which he also deleted, which is odd and stupid in and of itself:

He’s such a humble Russian agent.

Eventually Karate Hannity admitted that he’s so stupid he would retweet a tweet and post “Amen!!” on it when he didn’t read it because he’s a complete moron. He admitted this:

He would NEVER trust Putin, except if it helps his pal Trump then it’s all good!

That wasn’t the only mistake he made – he also retweeted a tweet calling the Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers “gay” [which he also later deleted]:

Dude. The tweet has eight words. And you retweet it without reading it? Amazing.

And this moron is the gatekeeper of conservative thought.