Here’s Why Everyone’s Making Trump Urine Jokes: Because Buzzfeed

CNN released a very serious report claiming that intel chiefs had evidence that Russia had salacious blackmail info over Trump. So Buzzfeed went ahead and published an unconfirmed report that had very salacious details about what that information might be.

Yeah, pretty disgusting. Others have poked holes in the story, noting that some of the proper names are spelled wrong, and thus spurring controversy over whether it was within standard journalistic practice to publish. The report had been floating around news circles, but no one published it because it wasn’t confirmed. So why did Buzzfeed go ahead with it now?

Of course, Trump critics ran with it, and started making tasteless jokes on twitter:


Buzzfeed’s editor, knowing that they would get blowback, even put out a letter explaining why they did it:

But the more important part of the report supports the claims made in the CNN bombshell:

So, who knows.

Here’s a great video from CNN explaining their scoop, which we posted about earlier at el right scoop: