Delegitimizing Trump Is UN-AMERICAN And Borderline SEDITION, Says Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly said 50 members of Congress and others un-american and “borderline seditious” if they believe our intelligence agencies’ assessment that Russia attempted to and might have been successful in influencing our election.

Watch below at about the 1:10 minute mark:

Every time I think one side, either pro-Trump or anti-Trump, is getting so stupid it makes me want to go to the other side, that side does something just as stupid. Look, there’s plenty of reason to believe that Putin is trying to undermine American institutions, and it would be very easy for him to do so with email hacking and “fake news.” It’s not outlandish to consider the possibility, but even doubting Emperor-elect Trump is punishable by death according to Bill O’Reilly. Because it’s not a cult, really. If O’Reilly had any half-wit still functioning, he’d at least allow for the objection that Trump tried to delegitimize Obama for years. But free thought isn’t allowed anymore.