Giuliani Is Probably Lying About Changing Trump’s Muslim Ban

So there’s a debate about whether Trump’s executive action on limiting immigration from terror-stricken countries is actually just a “Muslim Ban.” This is an important rhetorical point because that would make it much easier to prove it’s unconstitutional, as many are charging.

Of course, none of that makes sense, because Trump TOLD US it’s not a Muslim ban when he signed it!

Er, right.

But for those of us for whom Trump’s word is not the final arbiter of truth and reality, this video might prove illuminating:

So Giuliani admits that Trump went to him and said “we got a Muslim ban here, figure out how to make it legal.” Is that the end of the story?

Well I don’t think so because I don’t believe Giuliani. That’s because banning immigrants from terror-stricken countries instead of banning Muslims was Ted Cruz’s idea – and we can prove it!!

Check this out. This was written way back in June by the inimitable Scoopo:

Ted Cruz has long suggested that instead of banning all Muslims, that we not accept refugees from certain countries, which is basically what Trump is now saying.

Trump has changed up the criteria a little, suggesting these countries would have a ‘proven history of terrorism’ against us or our allies. But it’s not really that different from Cruz’s criteria, which was that these countries would have a large Al-Qaeda or ISIS presence.

So now that Trump is in the general, he shifts toward Cruz’s policy which is obviously more sensible than a total Muslim ban.

Clearly Cruz wanted to steal Trump’s thunder while giving a version of the policy that is defendable constitutionally. So is Giuliani just making it up? Maybe. This is a feature, it appears, of many of Trump most amorous supporters. Hannity, for instance, insists endlessly that he came up with the “forgotten man” part of Trump’s platform, ignoring that it’s most likely ripped off from the title of a great book by Amity Schlaes.

One more thing – if it’s truly not a Muslim ban, then why aren’t his supporters angry that he deceived them? Why aren’t they demanding he fulfill his campaign promise? I mean, the answer is kinda obvious right? Because it IS what he promised!

So, is it a Muslim ban? Depends on who you ask. 

Although I’m partial to saying no, based on NeverTrumper David French’s great article on it here – I mean, he has all the reason to be anti-Trump and even he admits it’s not a man. So get over it, people.