Giuliani Is Probably Lying About Changing Trump’s Muslim Ban

So there’s a debate about whether Trump’s executive action on limiting immigration from terror-stricken countries is actually just a “Muslim Ban.” This is an important rhetorical point because that would make it much easier to prove it’s unconstitutional, as many are charging.

Of course, none of that makes sense, because Trump TOLD US it’s not a Muslim ban when he signed it!

Er, right.

But for those of us for whom Trump’s word is not the final arbiter of truth and reality, this video might prove illuminating:

So Giuliani admits that Trump went to him and said “we got a Muslim ban here, figure out how to make it legal.” Is that the end of the story?

Well I don’t think so because I don’t believe Giuliani. That’s because banning immigrants from terror-stricken countries instead of banning Muslims was Ted Cruz’s idea – and we can prove it!!

Check this out. This was written way back in June by the inimitable Scoopo:

Ted Cruz has long suggested that instead of banning all Muslims, that we not accept refugees from certain countries, which is basically what Trump is now saying.

Trump has changed up the criteria a little, suggesting these countries would have a ‘proven history of terrorism’ against us or our allies. But it’s not really that different from Cruz’s criteria, which was that these countries would have a large Al-Qaeda or ISIS presence.

So now that Trump is in the general, he shifts toward Cruz’s policy which is obviously more sensible than a total Muslim ban.

Clearly Cruz wanted to steal Trump’s thunder while giving a version of the policy that is defendable constitutionally. So is Giuliani just making it up? Maybe. This is a feature, it appears, of many of Trump most amorous supporters. Hannity, for instance, insists endlessly that he came up with the “forgotten man” part of Trump’s platform, ignoring that it’s most likely ripped off from the title of a great book by Amity Schlaes.

One more thing – if it’s truly not a Muslim ban, then why aren’t his supporters angry that he deceived them? Why aren’t they demanding he fulfill his campaign promise? I mean, the answer is kinda obvious right? Because it IS what he promised!

So, is it a Muslim ban? Depends on who you ask. 

Although I’m partial to saying no, based on NeverTrumper David French’s great article on it here – I mean, he has all the reason to be anti-Trump and even he admits it’s not a man. So get over it, people.

Very Powerful Story About An Iraqi Translator Goes Viral on Twitter

A story about an Iraqi translator has gone viral on Twitter. It’s told by Dylan, an ex-soldier who completeed two combat tours.

Here ya go. Grab some Kleenex.

Wow. That’s a pretty powerful story. And you can tell by the thousands of retweets that it’s gone viral.

This is not a commentary on Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration from terror-stricken countries (at least, not on my part anyway). George W. Bush didn’t do a great good job about honoring what commitment we had to the thousands of people in Iraq who literally risked torture and death to help our military while they were there. They saved countless of lives, and in many cases, we left them to die among their enemies.

I really hope that President Trump does something to provide them with relief. It’s hard to think of anyone who has proven that they’re not a threat more than these people.

How SooperMexican Pissed Off Trumper Jeffrey Lord

So I posted a video of Jeffrey Lord over at the Right Scoop and provided some sooper commentary that he didn’t seem to appreciate. I have to admit, even by my standards, it was rather incendiary.

Here’s the post:

That was the original headline. Here’s the text I had in the post:

In seriously one of the stupidest segments I’ve ever seen on CNN, Poppy Harlow attempts to badger Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord with her feelings about dead Syrian kids, and then he blames Bush for 9/11.

Random word generators would make better arguments than these morons:

Poppy Harlow actually kneecaps Jeffrey Lord’s absurdly stupid contention that Trump’s ban would have stopped 9/11 by pointing out that none of the 9/11 hijackers were from countries that Trump has banned immigration from. This obvious fact doesn’t deter Lord from his blindingly idiotic zealotry, so he just ignores reality, which is an ability highly prized among Trump supporters appearing in the mainstream media.

I’m not sure what’s more stupid – Poppy Harlow screaming, “what about the children?!?!” or Jeffrey Lord ignoring the most obvious facts from reality that might undermine his faith in Trump.

I guess it’s conservative now to blame Bush for 9/11 with the idiotic talking points that liberals used a decade ago? And here I am accused of being a Hillary supporter by Trumpers. What bitter irony.

OK… perhaps I had a few too many tequila shots when I wrote it. Anyway, the substance I think is fair, even if I was a little too explicit about my disgust with the many offenses made to logic during the debate.

Well we got a response from Mr. Lord. I won’t reproduce it without permission but I added an update explaining the substance of his complaint:

We got an email straight from Jeffrey Lord who objected to my characterization of the clip. He says that he wasn’t attacking Bush, but merely pointing out that liberals attacked him for ignoring al-Qaeda warnings. He sent this article from the New York Times as an example:

SO what he’s saying now is that he was NOT making the claim that Bush is to blame for 9/11, only using it as an example of how liberals complain when we’re complacent “according to the critic” as Lord said, and then complain when someone does something about it.

Since I wrote the original post, I’ll respond here. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on what he meant when talking about Bush. Even so, he still opposed the two events, one characterized as inaction and the other as action, as if those are the only two choices. This is what is known as a “false choice” fallacy of argumentation. I’m sure Jeffrey Lord knows that, he’s a very smart guy. The fallacy lies in making it appear as if not doing what Bush did only gives you one other choice, which is what Trump did. And that’s simply not the case, which is why I thought the response was less than reasonable or rational.  In fact, he makes the ridiculous ultimatum once again at the end of the clip saying, “so let me see if I understand this, so in other words, you think that George W. Bush should have instituted this ban before 9/11 to prevent it!” When his interlocutor answers negatively, he exclaims, “Alright, so we should just sit back, and let 3,000 people be killed?” Perfect false choice.

But I wanted to give Lord his due.

Just so that we’re not accused of hiding anything, the original headline was amended to update with the information that he responded to our post, it was as follows: “CNN’s Poppy Harlow asks stupid question, Jeffrey Lord answers stupidly, blames Bush for 9/11.”

After this we noticed he also posted a response over at the American Spectator:

He lumps me in with the Daily Beast, which is not the best company, and explains further what the point was that he was trying to make. But that doesn’t defuse the clear and obvious false choice fallacy he made during the segment.

So, sorry dude, you wrong. 

I’ll give him this much, his response was much more respectful than my drunken rant defending the honor of logic and reason. My apologies for that.

SOoperMattCast #1: The Robert E. Lee Bobby Ay-Bear Podcast With Matt and Hapax

In this inaugural episode of the dim-witted minions having their own podcast, they start talkin’ in a durn Southern dialect so durn bad that we carn’t unnerstann’em, Jessica reveals that she is addicted to eye makeup videos, but wears NO eye makeup, Matt talks about punching Nazis in the face, how his dad brings a rubber hose into stopped elevators, “Ted Screws” over the Deadspin, and that Sooper would marry Ted Screws if gay marriage were legal, which it is, but Matt’s drunk and also stupid, and we don’t know who Jerry Clower is, and there’s still tapes down there?! Why Houston people hate Louisianans, and how they’re both sooper excited about the [falcons] defeating the hated [patriots] this year in the sooper-Bowl!! OMG it’s so Mexciting!!!!!!

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Here are some of the stories these morons didn’t talk about at all:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

Two Christian Syrian Families Detained at Philadelphia, Sent Back To Middle East

Two Christian families seeking to escape persecution were detained at Philadelphia Airport and then sent back to the Middle East, according to a family member.

The New York Times had earlier reported that they had been detained, even though their visas were approved:

A Christian family of six from Syria said in an email to Representative Charlie Dent, Republican of Pennsylvania, that they were being detained at Philadelphia International Airport on Saturday morning despite having legal paperwork, green cards and visas that had been approved.

NBC Philadelphia now says they were put on a different flight and sent back the Middle East:

Two Syrian families who arrived at Philadelphia International Airport Saturday morning from Doha, Qatar, were briefly detained and then sent back on a return 18-hour flight to the Middle East, according to a family member from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The families, made of up two brothers, their wives and two children, were detained by Customs and Border Protection officials after disembarking a Qatar Airways flight at 7:25 a.m., according to Joseph Assali, of Allentown.

Three hours later, the six were put back on a Qatar Airways flight to Doha, Assali said.

“This is like a nightmare come true,” he said, adding that they had visas and green cards legally obtained months ago.

“They’re all Christian citizens and the executive order was supposed to protect Christians fleeing persecution,” he said.

The families were detained and deported by an executive order signed Friday evening by President Donald Trump that immediately put restrictions on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries and temporarily halted a refugee program for Syrian immigrants.

I’ve seen a lot of Trump supporters cheering that he would give Christians priority as refugees, so what happened here? If this is true, it’s a terrible consequence of a hasty and poorly thought out order by Trump. But I’m sure Trump supporters will claim he personally knew these people were the worst terrorists ever in history ever.

SooperPodcast #235! The Gang All Joins The Trump Cult!

This week we all gave in and joined the Trump cult and began worshipping the Donald. Also there is theology from “This American Life” or no wait it’s “Freakonomics.” We talk about SoopLogic and how it predicted how Kellyanne Conway would spin Sean Spicer’s absurd lies!! Wow you can’t wait you have to listen now!!

Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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Liberals PROVE Pro-Lifers RIGHT While Attempting To Demonize Trump

I noticed a few weeks ago that a story went viral on the left-wing side of the aisle when people discovered that women were asking doctors for IUDs in droves after Trump’s election. The birth control device was being used in place of abortion, say these liberals, because women were scared that Trump might criminalize abortion.

See how evil Trump is? He’s making women get IUDs!! What a MONSTER!!!

And in fact, some women even tweeted that the election made them get IUDs:

BUT… what VOX and other liberals ignore is that this proves something that pro-lifers and conservatives have been saying forever.

Children are being aborted simply out of convenience, and many of these pregnancies could have been prevented by women being more responsible (and men as well, of course). The evidence of this is that when their access to abortions is threatened, they suddenly discover that they can prevent pregnancies without an abortion! What a MIRACLE!!!

It’s telling that no one at VOX realized this – there is never any consideration for the personal responsibility behind abortions.

Check out our post about the March for Life today here.

If We’re Going to Deport Immigrants, START WITH ME! – NY Gov Andrew Cuomo

The dim-witted governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, whined one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard about deporting illegal aliens.

Watch below:

I absolutely agree with him – let’s deport Andrew Cuomo and toss out his worthless brother Chris Cuomo too. It’s absolutely idiotic to conflate illegal immigrants with legal immigrants, but it takes an idiot like Andrew Cuomo to do so.

Also, why didn’t this idiot realize before that we deport illegals? We do it all the time, and have done it for decades. But NOW he’s morally incensed over it? Who made this dumb joke and then named it Andrew Cuomo?

I will never let this clown forget that he literally said that conservatives need to leave New York because our values aren’t welcome – and now here he is encouraging all illegal immigrants. What a scumbag.

Watch Me Predict EXACTLY How Kellyanne Conway Spins Sean Spicer’s Lie

I don’t usually toot my own horn, but I had extra time today so I thought, “why not!?” In this last week’s sooperpodcast, I predicted the exact spin that Kellyanne Conway was going to use to bash the media and defend Sean Spicer’s absurdly stupid press conference.

I detail it in this video:

So there was some speculation in the media that the press conference was a trap set to make Sean Spicer look bad. I scoffed at this. And I explained how that entire thing was planned as a trap for the MEDIA. In the podcast, I predicted that Trump’s spokes-morons would try to conflate the stupid lie about the inauguration crowd with the “fake news” about the MLK Jr. bust. One day later, that was EXACTLY what Kellyanne did.

Here’s the entire interview from Sunday:

You can listen to the entire podcast where I predicted her spin here (at about the ten minute mark):

And here’s Sean Spicer’s crackhead press conference:

BOOM! That’s why you listen to the podcast. Not because of Matt’s stupid antics. OK mostly that.

But the larger point is this – if I could see it happening, why didn’t the media? Because they’re being played over and over by the orange-faced emperor.

SooperPodcast #234! Sooper-Inaugural Greatest Ever Crowd Always WINNING

This week we talk about the inaugural and how it was the biggest crowd of carbon-based animals to ever attend anything ever in the galaxy and fantastic and great and amazing!!! HEIL TRUMP!!! Also Matt tweets a lot while I yell at him, and G.I JOooooooe!!! We curse a lot in this one, so, sorry. You gotta listen though!!!

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Delegitimizing Trump Is UN-AMERICAN And Borderline SEDITION, Says Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly said 50 members of Congress and others un-american and “borderline seditious” if they believe our intelligence agencies’ assessment that Russia attempted to and might have been successful in influencing our election.

Watch below at about the 1:10 minute mark:

Every time I think one side, either pro-Trump or anti-Trump, is getting so stupid it makes me want to go to the other side, that side does something just as stupid. Look, there’s plenty of reason to believe that Putin is trying to undermine American institutions, and it would be very easy for him to do so with email hacking and “fake news.” It’s not outlandish to consider the possibility, but even doubting Emperor-elect Trump is punishable by death according to Bill O’Reilly. Because it’s not a cult, really. If O’Reilly had any half-wit still functioning, he’d at least allow for the objection that Trump tried to delegitimize Obama for years. But free thought isn’t allowed anymore.

MSNBC Host Spreads FAKE Video of Muslim Getting Revenge on Racist White Kid

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell showed that he’s not above posting “fake news” as long as it helps his leftist agenda. On Sunday morning he spread this video that supposedly shows a Muslim girl beating up a boy who tried to pull her burkha off.

Here it is on his Twitter account:

But the story is fake, according to school officials who looked into the matter and interviewed the kids involved:

A video posted Friday afternoon to Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook purportedly showing a Muslim student at Washburn High School using her fists to exact revenge on a boy who tugged her hijab is fake, a Minneapolis schools spokesman said Saturday.

The video, titled “Welcome to Washburn,” has gone viral since it was posted to Facebook, with more than 6.5 million views, more than 161,000 shares and more than 29,000 comments — many supporting the girl, who appears to be defending herself.

Even if it had been real, it would have been irresponsible of O’Donnell to spread it without a link showing it’s true. It’s that much more absurd that he would spread it without any proof of the explanation when it’s false.

Guess what, idiot, that’s EXACTLY how “fake news” gets spread. This is happening on the right too as scumbag alt-right people spread videos of violence and lie that they’re about Muslim immigrants when they’re not. But lying is wrong no matter what agenda it serves.

Get a brain, moran.