Trump Camp Set Another TRAP For The Media And They’re Biting HARD

So I’m watching my news Twitter on Thursday night, and I swear that I can see the Trump administration set yet another trap for the media, and it’s pretty obvious to anyone who has more than two wits to rub together into a spark of knowledge. So, NOT the media.

Here’s what is happening.

Kellyanne Conway was debating Chris Matthews, (which, as an aside, was very courageous on her part, I have to admit) when she tossed out a lie while defending Trump’s non-Muslim Muslim non-ban ban.

Here’s what she said:

“I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, they were radicalized, and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green Massacre.”

Now, it took a few hours for liberals to notice, but once they figured out that she talked about the “Bowling Green Massacre,” they FLIPPED OUT!!! Because apparently, there is no such thing. There WAS an attack planned by two Iraqis who came here as refugees:

Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, two Iraqi nationals, were arrested in Bowling Green, Ky., after a two-year FBI investigation.

They were indicted for allegedly providing assistance to Al Qaeda in Iraq and attempting to send weapons overseas. The men were living in the United States and had been granted refugee status, despite their insurgency activities in Iraq and their role in attacking U.S. troops.

Oh wow, that’s kind of a big deal, right? And it helps prove Trump’s point except the media won’t cover it for that very reason. But the media will go insane over the lie she told.

Guess what, media? NOBODY GIVES A DAMN about the tiny little lie Kellyanne Conway told EXCEPT YOU. And some assorted mind-numbed liberals. What they care about is the hypocrisy of liberals whining about Trump’s ban and ignoring Obama’s ban – and YOU are going to help them propagate that narrative by soiling in your panties over the fictitious “bowling green massacre.”

GUYS. GUYS. It’s like watching a developmentally challenged rabbit hobble over to a carrot placed under a loaded howitzer. How is this not the most obvious trap ever since… well, since the last one Trump set?

Which I also predicted.

Check out the video, and look for the pattern:

You can read more about that sooper-brilliance here.

Yes, they lied. They tossed a little dumb lie that is obviously, provably false. But it’s embedded into a statement, an argument for Trump’s policy, and when the media tries to call them on it, the Trump people are going to say, in all caps, “WHY ARE YOU WHITE-WASHING ISLAMIST TERROR?!?!?” and completely ignore the dumb lie. And their witless sycophants will applaud idiotically and scream that the media is biased. And they’ll win. Again.

I can practically hear them coaching their media people right now in preparation for tomorrow’s firestorm.

And the leftist media morons are already lining themselves up like bowling pins to get knocked over by Trump’s balls.

Here’s the main idiot at ThinkProgress, the think tank of idiots:

Look at the big brains on Brad!! He’s a senior editor at NBC News, and he KNOWS that this will finally do Trump in!!

Look at this moron – it’s *eeeeevil*!!!! LOL!

Seriously, get out more.


The same guy who caught this, Joe Sanka, caught Rand Paul saying the same thing later. Not sure if he’s in on the scam or not, but it’ll help screw the media even more.

This guy writes at the Daily Beast, there’s the dumbass Roland Martin who helped crush Hillary by giving her the questions to that CNN debate, and comedian Patton Oswalt.

I imagine Trump is watching all these pendejos unwittingly do his bidding, and he’s salivating at the thought of springing the trap tomorrow.

Grab yer popcorn.