SOoperPodcast #236!! The Foghorn Cleebot LeggoMyEggo Brain Wine-Hole Cast

In this exciting edition of the SooperPodcast, Matt has mymicrophone in a hole, we talk about the dumb political commercials during the SooperBowl, how Dana Perino hates our podcast, Hapax gets a brand new name, when Laura Ingraham LIED about Lady Gaga, how to pronounce Dana Loesch’s last name, el sooper talks about Galileo, Dear White People, how Hapax Legomenon impugned the character of el sooper and had to be sat down, and el sooper recounts how he caught Alec Baldwin in a sockpuppet twitter account!! WOW you have to listen now!!

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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