SoOperPodcast #238!! The Return Of Hapax CleeBorp!!

This week Hapax Legomenon Cleeborp LeggomyEggo returns from prison in Mississippi (don’t spell it), el sooper admits being racist towards whatever race of people that Matt and Hapax are, we talk about Direct Messaging etiquette, then the Bud Light hits el Sooper, and we talk about MILO and why no one wants to talk about him and GamerGate, Chris Cuomo’s creepy tweet, Drews Breezes and Ted Screws, whether Trump has actually done anything or not, and my post about CNN’s Kyung Lah, and faked news, and transgender links, and some puppy JUNKIE, and el sooper defends Katy from Mean Girls. It’s quite a packed show, WOW!!! There’s like two curse words. Sorry.

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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Pendejo Sean Hannity Humiliates Himself AGAIN By Pushing Fake News

If it were possible for a moron like Sean Hannity to embarrass himself, he’s done it again by inexplicably pushing a false report by a known fake news website. Apparently he just couldn’t resist a poorly sourced story that sends tingles up his leg.

Here’s the tweet from the dumbass actually wondering if John McCain was a “war criminal” from the cesspool over at Gateway Pundit:

He has since deleted the tweet, but the moran actually went on to defend his idiocy:

THIS is the same genius who whines and complains night after night about fake news from the mainstream media. And he’s a NEWS MEDIA GUY. This is HIS JOB. It’s unbelievable that such a complete ass is still trusted by his idiot audience.

Apparently it’s OK to spread absolute crap because it’s just Twitter. But what else can we expect from an absolute crap Fox News host.

Oh and don’t forget, this isn’t the first time the dumbass has let putrid crap from the cesspool at Gateway Pundit embarrass him….

Scumbag Matt Schlapp Is Lying About Milo And The Media Is Letting Him

Y’know, I’m kinda sick of this asshole Matt Schlapp lying about how he was “morally” outraged at Milo Yiannopoulos and his pro-pedophile comments.

He’s LYING. And the media is letting him.

Here he is on CNN tonight pitching the same old shit.

IF that’s the case, then WHY didn’t he disinvite him AS SOON as the videos went viral?

IN FACT, he DEFENDED having the douchebag for almost 24 hours before giving in to the public outrage.

Here he is trying to call Jonah Goldberg a hypocrite for the criticism:

He retweeted this calling Ana Navarro a “neo-lib” for opposing Milo:

So does that make Schlapp a neo-lib now? Pendejo.

Here he is retweeting a tweet literally referencing pedophilia:

He literally called him radioactive, but said he was amaaazing:


And now the lying hypocrite is clutching his pearls and claiming morality! LOL!! Incredible.

BUT that’s not all!!!

He lied about him being a keynote speaker, OR let it out in the media without correcting it:

I have pat myself on the back for calling out his absurd idiotic lies long before this debacle:

Pat. Pat. Pat.

Mattis Disagrees With Trump On Taking Iraq’s Oil…

In yet another statement where General Mattis, Trump’s defense secretary, parts ways with Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements, he said that America is not going to take Iraq’s oil.

Trump had promised that many times on the campaign trail, calling people stupid for doing otherwise.

In recent weeks, Mattis has royally pissed off the Russians by saying that they have a lot to prove before the U.S. is going to enter into military cooperation with them, and admitted that Russia had tried to interfere with many elections of democracies. He’s also contradicted with Trump on calling the media the “enemy of the American people.”

Meanwhile, the media has ran with Trump’s exaggerations, and barely covered Mattis’ departures at all…

‘He Taught Me EVERYTHING, He Taught Me EVERYTHING’ – Trump Supporter Who Was On Stage In FL

Wow. Gene Huber is the Trump supporter who was lucky enough to be brought on stage at the rally in Melbourne, Florida, today, and he went nuts talking to CNN about how great Trump is.

Watch below:

He says he has a cardboard box with Trump on it and he tells it that he’s praying for Trump’s safety every day. He also says that he loves Trump because he tells the truth, and it’s so heartfelt. And he knows this because it’s the greatest movement ever seen. Also Trump taught him everything, Trump taught him everything.

Here’s what he said when he went on stage:

I mean, what can you say to that? Nothin.

General Mattis Is Royally Pissing Off The Russians!!

Trump’s Defense Secretary seemed to undermine the narrative that Putin was a poor victim of mean Democrats when he said there was little doubt they had interfered with elections.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Thursday at NATO headquarters he has “little doubt” Moscow has tried interfering in democratic elections, while also rebuffing calls for renewed military cooperation with Russia.

“Russia is going to have to prove itself first,” Mattis told reporters, adding it is premature to talk about cooperating militarily with Moscow.

Amid rising evidence that Russia has begun interfering in several upcoming European elections using a strategy of leaked emails and ‘fake’ news, Mattis gave a blunt response when asked if he thinks Russia did the same thing in the U.S. election.

“There is very little doubt they have either interfered or attempted to interfere in elections of democracies,” Mattis said in Brussels.

Watch below:

Ironically, Trump was ripping apart that narrative in the crazy press conference today, and on his Twitter account:

This is very odd when coupled with the revelation from Sean Spicer that they’ll be demanding Russia return the Crimea back to Ukraine. It’s almost as if Trump will persist in his fantasies, but doesn’t care that his cabinet forges ahead in contradiction to his statements. And that’s.. a good thing. I think.

After this, the Russians responded, angrily, and Mattis pretty much said screw you, Russkies!

From Reuters:

Mattis, who has previously accused Russia of trying to break the NATO alliance, told a closed-door session of NATO on Wednesday that it needed to be realistic about the chances of restoring a cooperative relationship with Moscow.

He cited Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, which plunged U.S.-Russia relations to a post-Cold War low. Mattis said NATO needed “negotiate from a position of strength” as he called for stepped up military spending.

That prompted a terse reply from Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “Attempts to build a dialogue with Russia from a position of strength would be futile,” he was quoted as saying by TASS news agency.

Mattis shot back: “I have no need to respond to the Russian statement at all. NATO has always stood for military strength and protection of the democracies and the freedoms we intend to pass on to our children.”

I am shocked and surprised by this, not because Mattis isn’t of the character of the kind of person who would do this, but because Trump apparently put this guy in and doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that he’s going against much of what Trump promised.

Either Trump was bluffing about what he said about NATO to fool Putin, or he has no clue what Mattis is doing. Either way, I am about a million times happier that Mattis is directing U.S. foreign policy about NATO instead of following Trump’s promises.

Of course, Moscow-owned media propaganda “Russian Today” loved Trump’s comments about getting along:

And our own media and Democrats are completely ignoring what Mattis is doing and saying. It’s almost as if they’re more interested in destroying Trump than they are about our defense operating wisely….

SOoperMattcast #237!! White Women Yelling, With Andrea Ruth!

This edition Hapax Legomenon is deported to whatever country she’s from and we replace her with a white girl to keep Donald Trump from bugging us. Matt Dawson takes the reigns and royally screws that up, but @AndreaNRuth does a good job of keeping us nice and ranty. ENJOY!!!

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Andrea also hosts a podcast with Matt, and you can listen to their latest here:

Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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Mentally Ill People Are Angry They’re Being Lumped In With Trump!

I don’t think this segment was intended to be funny, but it’s pretty hilarious. CNN’s Don Lemon talks to Dr. Allen Frances, the Chair of the DSM IV [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] Task Force, who says that it’s unfair to mentally ill people that critics of Donald Trump are calling him mentally ill.

I mean, he makes a good point, and it’s funny too. Check it out:

At one point the good doctor says that he got a lot of letters from mentally ill people who were thanking him for defending them from being compared to Donald Trump.

That’s fantastic.

Hillary Clinton Tweets About Mike Flynn Resignation – Confirms #PizzaGate Conspiracy!?

NOW Hillary has done it!! She accidentally spilled the cat and let the beans out of the bag!! Yes, we initially doubted the insane “pizza gate” conspiracy because it was so stupid, but now Cankles Clinton has CONFIRMED that it is real via her Twitter account!!

Behold!! Hillary admits she’s a pedophile while trying to taunt Mike Flynn for resigning:

Wow, can she be more clear?! Here’s the evil disgusting tweet she’s referencing and linking:

I knew it all along. I was just testing you all. Yeah that’s it.

And I’m not the only one who noticed – only real smarty-pants patriots understand that Hillary was confessing her disgusting crimes via tweet!

You can almost smell the cheesy cheeto stains on his keyboard as his chubby sausage fingers tap away angrily.

You know what this means, don’t you? We were getting close to exposing all the satanic child molesters in government, and that’s why they took down Mike Flynn – to get to his son that was exposing the truth!!!

It’s only a matter of time before we finally reveal all of these illuminati, freemason, Knights of Templar, shape-shifting lizard-alien, globalist, Goldman Sachs bankers who are siphoning our vital fluids and killing our goldfish!!! Also, chemtrails.

Idiot Eric Bolling Wants Trump to IGNORE Court Ruling and Continue Travel Ban!

In a really amazing moment on Fox News, dimwit pendejo Eric Bolling stumbles into advocating for fascism in America when he breathlessly and stupidly tells Kellyanne Conway that Trump should just IGNORE the ruling from a federal court and continue the travel ban.

He vomits out the absurdity at the 1:30 minute mark here:

Unbelievably, Conway is actually extolling the virtues of the checks and balances of the amazing and wonderful system granted to us by the founders, when the blathering idiot Bolling advocates for Trump to basically excrete on that very system. Just imagine if Obama ignored the judiciary during his term, all the Trumper idiots like Eric Bolling would be screaming “fascism” but now he’s just salivating at the thought of his authoritarian daddy Trump to do it to him fast and hard.


SOoperPodcast #236!! The Foghorn Cleebot LeggoMyEggo Brain Wine-Hole Cast

In this exciting edition of the SooperPodcast, Matt has mymicrophone in a hole, we talk about the dumb political commercials during the SooperBowl, how Dana Perino hates our podcast, Hapax gets a brand new name, when Laura Ingraham LIED about Lady Gaga, how to pronounce Dana Loesch’s last name, el sooper talks about Galileo, Dear White People, how Hapax Legomenon impugned the character of el sooper and had to be sat down, and el sooper recounts how he caught Alec Baldwin in a sockpuppet twitter account!! WOW you have to listen now!!

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Tucker Carlson Says Liz Warren Would Have Beaten Trump

Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson made an odd admission during his interview with Hugh Hewitt – he says that he thinks Liz Warren would have beaten Trump and be president now if she had won the nomination.

Watch below at about the 2 minute mark:

After Hugh Hewitt kisses McConnell’s Obama by saying he was soooo brilliant for slapping down Elizabeth Warren (because he totally planned that), Tucker disagrees.

“I don’t know. I mean, I see your point, I think it’s a smart point, but I’d also bet money that if Elizabeth Warren had received the Democratic nomination, she’d be the president right now, because she is in line with what Democratic voters think. She has a worldview, she can articulate it, I don’t agree with it, but it’s, she’s not just an identity politics person, she’s got a consistent left-wing economic view that has a lot of support in the country.”

Er… you mean, Trump’s economic views? I mean, honestly her socialist anti-capitalist rhetoric sure does sound a lot like his populist anti-corporation anti-trade rhetoric. Maybe he has a point – had the far left socialist Warren run against Trump, she could have actually undercut his left-leaning socialist attacks on capitalism. So, that’s weird, huh?

I wonder if Tucker’s audience agree – or if the Donald does…

GOP Tells Chief Liz ‘Running-Mouth’ Warren to SIT Down And SHUT Up For Breaching Senate Rules!

Little Chief Liz “Runs-Her-Mouth-Too-Much” Warren impugned the character of her colleague, Senator Jeff Sessions, and that is a no-no in Congress, so they done told her to sit down and shut up!

Watch below:

Bleh. What a loser! Marco Rubio thought it was pretty cool though:

If you wanna see Little Chief Liz Loudmouth Warren’s entire comments, you can check out CSPAN here.

Apparently she was trying to read a letter by Coretta Scott King:

Yeah. And?

Why Is Trump Ignoring The Execution of Denver Cop By A Muslim?

This story has been ignored a lot because of the way Trump and his detractors have stolen the spotlight continuously, but it’s the first terrorist attack under our new President.

The execution happened last week when a radical Muslim walked up to a transit cop and shot him in the neck.

Joshua Cummings was caught soon after by police who recovered a gun. Later, it was discovered that DHS has been warned about the radicalized Muslim by his own Mosque!

Here’s the letter they sent to DHS warning them about him in December:

Here’s more about Cummings:

Cummings, an Army sergeant who was living in a motel in Englewood with a woman and a child, came to the attention of law enforcement in Colorado when a Denver mosque wrote to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security saying he had attended a meeting for recent converts and appeared to be rapidly radicalizing.

Cummings moved to Colorado from the small town of Pampa, Texas, just northeast of Amarillo, where people say he had raised some alarm.

Maggie Johnson, a reporter for the Pampa News, said Cummings started writing martial arts stories for the newspaper in 2015, but his ties to the newspaper were severed when he became obsessive about bullying and conspiracy theories at the local high school.

“He wrote guest pieces. He was a little off,” Johnson said. “He got really obsessively concerned about the topic of bullying.”

A Denver firefighter, who owns another martial arts studio in Pampa, told The Denver Post that he had hired a security guard for his dojo after Cummings became more radicalized.

On his Twitter feed, Cummings early postings mostly showcased his martial arts studio. However, his focus appeared to shift in 2016. His Twitter postings, which stopped in July, include conspiracy theories about an implant that would take away a person’s desire for God and a call for an Arizona police officer accused of beating a woman to be put to death for treason.

It really sounds like he was suffering some mental problems, and Islamic radicalization probably didn’t help. But regardless of that, why haven’t we heard more about this case? You would think the press would love to pin this on Trump, but nope. Very odd.

And further, why isn’t Trump screaming his head off about this? I thought he was pro-cop and anti-Muslim terror? He we have a case where we have BOTH, and he’s busy feuding with the Terminator on twitter. Anyone else see the incongruity? No? Just me. OK then.

Here’s the police press conference about the murder: