‘Pizza Gate’ conspiracy pushers had a festival of idiocy

I am very disappointed because there was a festival of idiots who believe in the “Pizza Gate” conspiracy theory and nobody told me so that I could go and make fun of them. C’mon people, get it together already!!

Anyway, a reporter posted a ton of tweets documenting what happened there, and I would be remiss to not post them too.

SO PIZZAGATE is an insane conspiracy told by complete morons and asses who want to believe that they’re smarter than everyone else by seeing patterns that aren’t there – just like in the movies! Like most conspiracy idiots, they conjure up a cult-like zealotry to their theory because it’s easier to imagine your political opponent is actually evil, than it is to have to rationally debate your political opinions and beliefs. It’s intellectual laziness, on crack, with willful stupidity.

Now back the festival of idiocy:

These people seriously believe that there is a child sex ring in Washington D.C. that is being covered up by Hillary Clinton. The “proof” they have of this comes from Wikileaks leaked emails – they claim that Podesta, Hillary’s former campaign manager, was using “secret” codewords to talk about child sex. The “source” of the code? A Trump cultist who just made it up, based on the emails they read from Wikileaks. And morons are passing it around saying that it’s from the FBI, with absolutely no evidence of that.

A lot of the conspiracy centered around “Comet Ping Pong Pizza,” a pizza shop in Washington D.C. where the child sex ring supposedly meets. Again, there is no evidence of this, just insinuation and innuendo, which is why Alex Jones, the premier conspiracy idiot, had to apologize to the owners for fear of being sued.

The alt-right pushed this BS, and they’re also rather anti-Semitic, so this should not be a surprise.


“Earth is a LOOSH farm.”

Diseased minds.

They were angry that the reporter was there – you’d think they’d want more coverage, but everything is just a confirmation of their idiocy.

It’s really a shame that people would be so stupid as to waste time on these conspiracy theories. They give themselves over to lies because it’s easier than actually doing the hard work of persuading others about a political ideology. It’s sad, and pathetic, and this kind of crap makes our country worse rather than improving it. But on the other hand, it’s not a big group. It’s a big country, there are bound to be a lot of people who are off their meds. Now they have the internet to get together and propagate their insanity.