In 2013 Video, Trump Aide Boris Epshteyn Says Russia Controls Snowden Leaks!

The Russian-born Trump aide Boris Epshteyn has just left his position in the White House and a lot of people are wondering if it has anything to do with the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.

This 2013 video I found might provide a piece to that puzzle – in it, Epshteyn discusses the political climate that could hurt or help Russian investment, which he favors.

Epshteyn talks about the Snowden intelligence leaks as one of the things that is hurting Russian investment, and seems to imply that he knows the Russians are controlling the spread of that information.

Watch below at about the 1:10 minute mark:

“I think as we get beyond this issue of Syria, Snowden gets forgotten about, unless there’s more leaks, which Russia says there won’t be, if that’s true, so there’s no more leaks, Syria gets left behind, there’s a lot of room for cooperation there. And then there’s room for good investment opportunities for companies out of United States into the former Soviet Union, to Russia specifically.”

The video was posted by the “Russian Center New York” in 2013:

Sooo… why does Boris, who is identified in the video as an expert in Russian investment, know that Russia can stop the Snowden leaks?

Doesn’t that seem pertinent to the current investigation?

Apparently, in the exact same month that this video was published, Epshteyn moderated a panel discussion with Russian officials about investing in Russia:

Wow. I bet you could get a lot of interesting information running a panel like that, huh?

Maybe somebody should get ol’Boris to spill the beans on what he knows about all this, eh?