More Trump Alt-Right In-Fighting, Grab Yer Popcorn!

In today’s edition of alt-right and trumpendejo fights, we have Paul Nehlen, the humiliated Paul Ryan primary competitor who was embarrassed by his BFF Trump, and brainless cult zealout Bill Mitchell.

Mitchell is 100% behind Trump no matter what he does, while Nehlen is calling out his continued irrational flip flops.

Mitchell used to love Nehlen when he opposed Ryan:

But now he’s unimpressive lol:

Nehlen thinks you can’t see other people’s tweets without a sock account. Weird.

Persona over principles?! LOL!! Does that remind you of someone?!

It’s so great to see these morons put their faith in an utterly principle-free degenerate and then discover that he betrayed the promises he made to them. I mean, isn’t that what they hate about the “establishment”? Love it…

I do love the “Botox Bill” nickname though, and so does Botox-Bill:

Here he is pushing amnesty for dreamers:

Well. That’s a big if.

Remember when he bashed Rubio for his hypocrisy?


Here’s a history lesson for Trumpers:

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.50.38 PM

No one saw that coming!