SoOperPodcast #243!!! Matt Gets Hit By A Box Of Milk

IN THIS EPISODE!! Matt recalls the time someone threw a box of milk at him while he was micturating, Jessica gets really angry about baby-feeding, el sooper runs in fear of her, and also el sooper gets… angry about something i forgot what it was. And we try not to mention Dana Perino for once!! Can we do it?! Listen and find out!!!

This is a preview, but it’s from seven weeks ago so its not really a preview.

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Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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More Trump Alt-Right In-Fighting, Grab Yer Popcorn!

In today’s edition of alt-right and trumpendejo fights, we have Paul Nehlen, the humiliated Paul Ryan primary competitor who was embarrassed by his BFF Trump, and brainless cult zealout Bill Mitchell.

Mitchell is 100% behind Trump no matter what he does, while Nehlen is calling out his continued irrational flip flops.

Mitchell used to love Nehlen when he opposed Ryan:

But now he’s unimpressive lol:

Nehlen thinks you can’t see other people’s tweets without a sock account. Weird.

Persona over principles?! LOL!! Does that remind you of someone?!

It’s so great to see these morons put their faith in an utterly principle-free degenerate and then discover that he betrayed the promises he made to them. I mean, isn’t that what they hate about the “establishment”? Love it…

I do love the “Botox Bill” nickname though, and so does Botox-Bill:

Here he is pushing amnesty for dreamers:

Well. That’s a big if.

Remember when he bashed Rubio for his hypocrisy?


Here’s a history lesson for Trumpers:

No one saw that coming!


SoOperPodcast #243!!! Lego-Hatin’ Jess and Matt ‘Jungle Primary’ Dawson!!

This week we have the triumphant return of Jessica after last week where we had a pleasant conversation but none of it was recorded!! Also Matt gets drunker and more belligerent than usual and SOOP has to yell at him to shut up!! Also el SOoper says what he REALLLLY thinks about Mike Huckabee!! WOW!! You have to listen right now go stop wasting time!!

This is a preview, but it’s from seven weeks ago so its not really a preview.

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Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Faithful Family Of Robert Godwin Says They Forgive ‘Facebook Killer’

If you want to know what Easter is about, just look to the incredible Godwin family, who is grieving the horrendous murder of their father, but find the strength through God to forgive the murderer.

Here’s an incredibly touching segment from their interview on CNN tonight:

Wow. If everyone had such faith, we’d be in heaven already. I am struck with what nobility they express while praising God in such a terrible time. That’s what it means to stand firm in the faith. I don’t know that I could do it.

Here’s the entire interview:

Hopefully God will use this moment of terrible evil to reach more souls through the example of the Godwin family.

Here’s another interview with the daughters:

Cucks At Breitbart News Snowflaking Over New Globalist RINO-Trump!

My how things have changed. Once the loudest and stupidest voice screaming “cuckservative!!!” at those who wouldn’t support Trump, Breitbart News is now slipping in their allegiance to el Presidente Trumpo.

Yes, Breitbart News is turning on our new globalist elite Trump:

This is because Trump is sidelining Bannon, and reports say that it’s because he just wants to win and Steve-o’s strict ideology just gets in the way of compromise and cooperation.

Many believe this signals his turn to the left, as he keeps putting more and more faith in Jared Kushner, the lefty Democrat globalist.

Sooooo who got “cucked” now?

Ahhhh… sorry if I enjoy the schadenfreude here a little too much. Those of us who questioned Trump’s adherence to conservative principles and who were mocked and jeered by these idiots are going to have fun tossing those epithets back in their faces now that he’s turned on them too, just as predicted.

North Korea Is Ready For WAR Against U.S., China Deploys 150,000 Troops To Border

The North Koreans are not taking well to Trump sending some Navy ships to the Korean Peninsula. They say they’re ready for war.

Watch below:

More from the Guardian:

“This goes to prove that the US reckless moves for invading the DPRK have reached a serious phase,” said a spokesman for the North’s foreign ministry according to state-run KCNA news agency, in Pyongyang’s first comment since the deployment.

“The DPRK is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the US,” he said, using the country’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

So that ain’t no good. One of the reasons that China has always tried to keep the Norks in power is that they’re afraid of the millions of refugees that would pour across the border if that state collapsed.

Well they have sent 150,000 to the border with North Korea just in case Trump strikes and the peasants head for the border:

The Chinese army has reportedly deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for pre-emptive attacks after the United States dropped airstrikes on Syria.

President Donald Trump’s missile strike on Syria on Friday was widely interpreted as a warning to North Korea.

And now China, left shocked by the air strikes, has deployed medical and backup units from the People’s Liberation Army forces to the Yalu River, Korea’s reported.

The troops have been dispatched to handle North Korean refugees and ‘unforeseen circumstances’, such as the prospect of preemptive attacks on North Korea, the news agency said.

And there are some reports that the U.S. has already warned Australia that we’re going to strike the Norks:

I dunno though, you know how the Aussies love to gossip…

Here’s What Happens If You Search ‘Jews’ And #FireKushner

So the alt-right is all upset because Trump fired missiles at an airfield in Syria because they’re big Syrian airfield fans, I guess, and they’re demanding that el Presidente Trump fire his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

And they made #FireKushner trend.

But if you thought it was innocent political advocacy, all you have to do is add “jews” to your search of the hashtag:

Ah, well. I’m sure that’s the only one, right?

Oh. Well I’m sure it’s a yuge coincidence because everybody said they’re not *really* anti-semitic, how could they be?! They were voting for a guy whose son-in-law is Jewish!!! Oh wait. Right. #FireKushner.

They’re not even original:

This was a very early one with the hashtag:

It’s all one big yuge coincidence, I swear!!!

But I mean definitely absolutely do NOT do this search either:

And for real kicks, pick one of their screennames and search to see what they say about Putin:

No wonder they got all their knickers in a twist.

For less anti-semitism, but just as much alt-right whiney snowflake fun, check out this previous post.

Pepe Frog-Tears As Alt-Right Implodes Over Trump’s Globalist Missile Strike

The way that the alt-right reacted to Trump’s airstrike, you would have thought that it was their airfield that was bombed by tomahawk cruise missiles. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun to watch the racialist tears and melting snowflakery.

The now infamous Reagan Battalion posted a pretty good video with some of their whiny tweets:

Here’s more:

At first, this moron said he was off the Trump Train:

But then he realized that stringing along the stupider of the Trump cultists pays too well:

This guy said this:

And now says Trump is listening to their tweets! LOL!

They’re blaming Jared Kushner:

Cernovich is attacking his followers:

Sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders! LOL!!

And he says that Americans somehow orchestrated a chemical attack on Syrians:

Poor Laura Ingraham:

I posted a meme using a picture that they love to use to mock “cuckservatives”:

Oh and there’s these too:

They’re kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either Trump is being tricked by globalists, and he’s an idiot, or he was always an idiot globalist and he lied to them. Which is it?

SoOperPodcast #242!! Soop And Matty Cast!!

THIS PODCAST!! I prefect the Syrian attack, just hours before it happens! WOW!! Also we don’t have Hapax Legomenon with us, we got rid of her. SO it’s just el sooper, who is sick and el Matto, who is drunk. We mostly talk about how brilliant the show “Rick and Morty” is, and Voltron, and.. some politics I think. Oh and we talk about how white people like opioids and other people like other stuff!! Wow!!!

This is a preview, but it’s from five weeks ago so its not really a preview.

Click here to listen to the podcast if the player doesn’t pop up above on your browser.

Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Trump’s Tough Talk Leads To Incredible Drop In Illegal Border Crossings In 3 Months

In testimony today before Congress, it was revealed that illegal border crossings are down by TWO THIRDS through March, an incredible accomplishment.

From the Washington Times:

Illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border has continued to fall under President Trump, dropping 67 percent through the end of March, the former border commissioner told Congress on Tuesday.

That’s even bigger than the drop reported for February, when the number of illegal immigrants caught — a yardstick for the overall flow — dropped by 40 percent.

“It’s actually up to 67 percent drop compared to last year,” David V. Aguilar, a former chief of the Border Patrol and former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

This makes total sense. Obama bragged about amnesty over and over to the point that people in Mexico and other countries were spreading rumors that all you had to do was cross over and Obama would give you legal status. Whatever else Trump’s loud mouth has done, he’s done wonders by making it clear that illegal immigration would not be tolerated under his presidency.

They haven’t released the official numbers yet, but..

But a drop anywhere close to the 67 percent figure Mr. Aguilar cited would be stunning, and suggests the early steps the president has taken to free up agents to enforce immigration laws at the interior and the border, and his plans to build a border wall, have deterred tens of thousands of would-be crossers.

Keep deporting, and a border wall may not even be necessary!!

Even as a critic of this administration, I have to applaud Trump for this great success.