Sean Hannity Is Having A Twitter Meltdown Over National Review’s Secret Private Jets

Why is Sean Hannity all riled up against the National Review folks? He’s accusing them of flying private jets because they’re “elitists,” an insult just meant to rile up his dim-witted fan base.

Why is he so angry? His orange-faced idol won, and everything is wonderful right? Could it be… that Trump has actually had a terrible week since firing Comey with zero planning and terrible messaging?

Of course, that’s all National Review’s fault.

This is just amazing:

Notice, he doesn’t deny it. I guess because he flew commercial ONCE that exonerates him? LOL! That actually sounds very elitist! Poor thing had to slum it up with the rabble once.

Goldberg clarifies to be fair to Hannity. Mouth-foaming idiot responds with witless twitter karate chops:

Oh boy. Detective Hannity is on the case of the NRO cruise’s evil scheme of providing an service/product for money. It must have taken weeks of very focused attention by his one last operating brain cell to piece that one together. maybe he’s showcasing his genius investigatory skills as am audition to become Trump’s next FBI Director.

The real reason for witless Hannity to spout of these idiocies is that he pitches an insane fantasy that people who disagree with him are in a grand conspiracy and are all paid off to do it. He can’t possibly conceive that people might actually really believe in conservatism and the principles he’s ostensibly espoused for decades. His barely functioning brain cell must believe that anyone who dares to stand up to his orange-visaged man-crush is doing it for money.

Thus, the private jets.

Maybe, deep down in that last flickering vestige of a brain cell, he accuses others of the same sin he’s most ashamed of – selling out conservatism for money and fame.

Nah, he’s just a shameless dumbass.