Morons Are Sharing Misleading Comey Testimony About Investigation Interference

So people who want to make former FBI director Comey look bad are sending this quote around – it’s testimony where they say he testifies under oath that the president never asked him to stop any investigation:

2,500 retweets!! SMOKING GUN!! Arrest the ant-Trump heretic!!

Oh wait, no no.. wait… here’s the entire question, which is conveniently cut off in the viral accusation:

HIRONO: So if the Attorney General or senior officials at the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt that FBI investigation?

COMEY: In theory yes.

HIRONO: Has it happened?

COMEY: Not in my experience. Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that — without an appropriate purpose. I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don’t see a case there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.

NOTICE the question is about officials at the Department of Justice. Not the president.

So he didn’t perjure himself. But liars gotta liar. Or lie. Whatever.

Of course, that won’t stop alt-right dimwits like Nehlen:

And others – this idiot even went to the trouble of getting misleading video:


Don’t lie, people. You look like Democrats.


Of course, the lying putrid scum at Gateway Pundit are pushing the false narrative: