SoOperPodcast #252: The Samesies Podcast With Plum Possum Walmart Aisles

WOW WE HAVE A FULL PODCAST THIS WEEK!! Just like every week actually. But this one is pretty good because we actually hit record!! WOW!! This week el Sooper tells a story from his storied salad days as a laborer in California, also el Sooper tells a story that Hapax Legomenon told TWICE already. Also el Sooper answers the riddle he put on Twitter about Socrates’ dialogue, “The Republic”!! They beg him to make Shakespeare jokes and he refuses!! I guess Matt and Jessica were there too. I guess. WOW you have to listen right now!!

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This week we have a preview for all you people who are sitting on the sidelines wondering if you want to jump into the pool. Listen to this brilliance:

OK that wasn’t all that great. Here’s Matt from last week:

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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Every Cult Eventually Divides Into Two Warring Factions…

We should have seen it coming, though it’s enjoyable to watch now that it’s happened. Desiccated Pterodactyl Ann Coulter is warring against the Sean Hannity Karate faction of the Trump cult, over the big issue everyone cares about – Goldman Sachs bankers!!!!

This is what set it off. Ann Coulter was set to appear on Sean Hannity’s show, and she planned to really rip into Trump for hiring yet another Wall Street banker to his administration. But she knew there was a chance Hannity would edit it out:

And she was right!! If you watch the video put out by Fox News, there’s a REALLY AWKWARD cut at about the 36 second mark.

Then go to 2:35 – there’s a weird video cut to Hannity just so that the meathead can say “yeah, there are a lot!” because that’s about as brilliant an insight as you’re gonna get out of that last barely operating brain cell of his. But during that tirade, her stream of thought seems to be cut as well.

Also notice the title of the video is, “Ann Coulter speaks out about Goldman Sachs, leftist rage” – but Goldman Sachs isn’t mentioned once. Weird huh?

So she ripped into him on Twitter:

To which he responded angrily:

Notice the very first thing he says – I helped you sell books, how DARE YOU accuse me of anything!! LOL!! The opportunist shows what he’s really about and what the giant Trump scam is really about for these charlatans posing as conservatives – selling books and cashing in on the dupes that watch them and listen to their idiocies.

That’s not an unreasonable claim, right? It’s just weird that he would cut those particular comments. The show is recorded, they could cut anything else. And it’s not like they have novel segments all the time – every show is basically the same since inauguration.

Ann didn’t buy it either:

That’s a good point. What’s he scared of? Why can’t he post the full audio? Is he so afraid of offending his lord and savior that he can’t be a party to anyone criticizing his deity?!

But it gets better, if you can believe it.

Eventually she did actually publish that article she promised. And it nailed Trump AND Hannity.

Sean Hannity, bless his heart, has the zeal of the late Trump convert. He would endorse communism if Trump decided to implement the policies of “The Communist Manifesto.” (Which the GOP’s health care bill actually does!)

On his show last Thursday, he tried to get me to defend Trump’s “rich person” remarks about Cohn. I wish you could see the segment, but, unfortunately, Hannity decided no one would ever see it — NOT, I hasten to add, because he would ever censor criticism of Trump, but simply because he ran out of time.

In a pre-taped interview. It was a time problem. (It may not be evident to most viewers, but three minutes MUST be left at the end of every Hannity show for Nerf football throwing.)

Here’s when the rift really begins – notice how she mocks him as a “late Trump convert.” In fact, Hannity is ashamed of this, as he keeps repeating on his show that he was there “from the very beginning.” Of course, before Trump won he said he wasn’t on anyone’s side, which was a brazen lie to anyone with at least half a wit still operating – a Venn diagram which would include no one in his audience. [Here’s the evidence of that from a popular post and analysis I did.]

Coulter really lobs some reasonable accusations in her post. So of course, Hannity ignores them all.

A blindingly stupid thing to say given he’s been just as lacking in principle and loyalty to Republican candidates. But that’s all his little dim wit could muster. Poor little guy.

Now I think there are actually three factions here.


Ann Coulter’s big issue with Trump is immigration. She just wants to get rid of all the brown people in the United States, and she’s been intimating this for quite a while. For her, conservatism and Christianity are just useful tools in order to make America white again.

Don’t believe me? Here’s one of the many instances she made it clear:

That serves as a pretty decent definition of the alt-right, which she often flirts with. Yes, she’ll pretend to care about abortions, but really it’s about getting rid of brown people.

BUT NOTICE the abject hypocrisy here. Above she wrote, “He would endorse communism if Trump decided to implement the policies of ‘The Communist Manifesto,'” to mock Hannity, accurately saying that he is such a blind zealous Trump cultist that he’d abandon his false love of conservatism to serve his master.

But isn’t that what Coulter is admitting she’d do with the tweet referenced above?

So what’s with the obsession about bankers? It might have to do with the anti-Semitic tendencies of the alt-right, or it may be more practical – she believes Trump’s cozying up to bankers will erode his base, and with 37% support, he needs all he can get. Another possibility is the narrative that big business is pro-illegal immigration because it suppresses wages – maybe she believes the bankers are influencing Trump’s meandering on illegal immigration.

And in the OTHER corner….


Hannity suffers from a deep-seated inferiority complex. He’s surrounded by much more intelligent conservatives on Fox News, and Trump was his way to undermine them and show him that his Kung Fu moves are more important than their stupid brains and big confusing words. This is why he keeps sticking it to “Never Trumpers,” though these days that basically refers to “people who criticize Trump based on rational conservative principles.” Ahem.

His inferiority complex also forces him to pitch conspiracy theories to his dim-witted audience about people who look down at him. That’s what makes him so susceptible to idiotic fake news sites [and here] [and here too] – and why he whines about CNN’s “conspiracy” stories – it’s pure projection.

Of course the most douchebag example of that is his pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, just for the sake of defeating the Russian collusion story to protect the object of his unrequited love.

But that’s why he is perfectly willing to let Coulter be edited – his only principle is to please Trump so that he can cash in on his television show.

And in the THIRD corner… ?!


Eric Bolling is just a dumber (despite being against the laws of physics, he does it) version of Sean Hannity. This guy is SO dumb, he’s actually intellectually intimidated by Hannity!! OK, I just slipped this section in to mock Bolling some more. It’s so fun!!

Let’s get back to the Hannity-Coulter internecine flap. To prove my analysis of what drives both idiots, let’s go back to the LAST time they had a feud – it was 2016 and it was over immigration.

She said that Marco Rubio had fooled dim-witted Sean Hannity (an easy feat, surely) into buying his immigration plan – here she quotes Phyllis Schlafy:

Rubio told [Sean] Hannity, on his media tour that: “I don’t think any of that [amnesty] begins until we certify that the border security progress has been real. That a workplace enforcement mechanism is in place. That we are tracking visitors to our country, especially when they exit.”  This prompted Hannity to reply: “It’s probably the most thoughtful bill that I have heard heretofore.”

Look at Hannity’s response – it’s pure tribalism.

“I helped you, why are you accusing me of anything?!” without addressing whether it’s true or not.

Thus again, Coulter just wants to keep immigrants out – not even illegal aliens, but all immigrants. The piece quotes this passage:

If we don’t stop immigration—this torrent of immigrants coming in—we’re not going to be America anymore because most of the people coming in have no experience with limited government. They don’t know what that is.

These are the two factions that explain so much of Trumpism – anti-immigration with a dash of racial bigotry, and blind tribalism based on anti-intellectualism, and a mistrust of experts.

I know SOME dedicated few are still defending Ann Coulter against the charge that she is actually a racist and toxic to the conservative movement – something I pointed out waayy back in July of 2015. In the intervening months, she’s done her best to prove me right by doing this, and doing all sorts of thing that brush against racism, but allow for plausible deniability for her fans.

Anyway… let me add one caveat – when I mock the Trump cultists who worship Trump, I am NOT saying that all Trump supporters are cultists. There are many reasonable people who reluctantly voted for him and reluctantly support him now. I got no problem with you people as long as you’re honest about his shortcomings.

So enjoy the Trump cult’s implosion as they discover that they can’t trust a guy that was never trustworthy before he was elected president either….

Shakespeare Protester: I ‘Protected’ Trump From NeverTrumpers Trying to ‘Eradicate’ Him!

I don’t even know what to say about this. This is just incredibly amazing. Lauren Loomer is the doofus who interrupted the “Julius Ceasar” play that portrayed the headline character as Trump.

She thinks she was “protecting” him from NeverTrump assassins!!!

Watch below:

There’s a much longer video available at the Riiiiight Scooooop!!

LOL!! Wow. That is remarkable. Loomer is such a prolific Shakespeare scholar that she knows that any representation of Julius Ceasar as a politician other than the historic figure is a “bastardization” of the play. Because that’s NEVER been done before! LOL!! Incredible.

And she was “protecting” Trump from the evil nasty NeverTrumpers who want to “eradicate” him with their evil tweets and principled conservative critiques!!

I mean, c’mon, you have to admit that is AMAZING that she can be so delusional as to believe that, be so shameless as to sell it to dimwit Hannity, and he can regurgitate it to his even dimmer-witted audience.

And WHY is Trump so ignominious as to not appreciate how Laura Loomer saved his life?!??!

That, is positively shakespearian in its tragic profundity…

I must add also, that the people pushing this idiocy are mostly alt-right scumbags. A lot of conservatives have come out against the action, saying that this kind of protest is just taking on the irrational tactics of the left. But more than that, the fact that Loomer has to exaggerate absurdly that she was “protecting” the president just proves how pointless and stupid these kind of protests are.


A commenter reminded me that Loomer and her accomplices had set up a website to ask for donations even before the protest happened, reportedly, and have received over $25,000 in donations from gullible rubes.

ALSO, I just realized that I mockingly predicted her absurd description three days ago when I made fun of the protest!!

My headline was, “Alt-Right Idiots Saved Trump’s Life by Interrupting Shakespeare Play ‘Julius Ceasar’ [sic]”

That is… amazing.

Alt-Right Idiots Saved Trump’s Life by Interrupting Shakespeare Play ‘Julius Ceasar’ [sic]

Ugh. We have to post this. So we’ve proven that we’re actually worse than liberals by whining about a Trump-themed Julius Caesar performance, when no liberals were upset about an Obama-themed Julius Caesar performance in 2012.

And the alt-right scumbags have been at the tip of the stupid-spear on this one.

So tonight they interrupted the play by screaming like idiots, because, really, they’re just like leftists.

Watch below:

The greatest thing is how this doofus can’t even spell Julius Caesar right:

These are real geniuses.

And king of the idiots:

Remember when we used to say free speech was for speech we didn’t like? Now some people want to be just like the totalitarian left and shut down speech because it melts their snowflake sensibilities.

I mean, what did this really accomplish? It’s just empty onanistic pathetic performance art. They’re just wallowing in the cesspool with liberals and dragging us all down with them….

SoOperPodcast #251 Trumptastic Tales of Shakespearian Tragedy!!

THIS WEEK! We talk about all the terrible happenings this week, and what other podcasts talk about stuff way better than we do. Also Matt does an amazing impression of el Sooper, and chases little raccoons with popehats, and el sooper talks about going to Europe and says he’s quitting politics to read Shakespeare and also predictions about whether el Trumpo is going to fire Special Counsel Mueller!! WOW! You HAVE to listen!!!

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This week we have a preview for all you people who are sitting on the sidelines wondering if you want to jump into the pool. Listen to this brilliance:

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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What The Hell Was The New York Times Thinking?!

I don’t say this much, because not a lot shocks me after all this time watching the media like a hawk (a surly Mexican hawk, whatever). But I am actually shocked by this un-effing-believable paragraph in the New York Times about the Virginia shooting.

Here’s the excerpt [emphasis added]:

Was this attack evidence of how vicious American politics has become? Probably. In 2011, when Jared Lee Loughner opened fire in a supermarket parking lot, grievously wounding Representative Gabby Giffords and killing six people, including a 9-year-old girl, the link to political incitement was clear. Before the shooting, Sarah Palin’s political action committee circulated a map of targeted electoral districts that put Ms. Giffords and 19 other Democrats under stylized cross hairs.

Conservatives and right-wing media were quick on Wednesday to demand forceful condemnation of hate speech and crimes by anti-Trump liberals. They’re right. Though there’s no sign of incitement as direct as in the Giffords attack, liberals should of course hold themselves to the same standard of decency that they ask of the right.


That the New York Times would push this absolutely discredited drivel is insane. Jared Loughner’s murders had absolutely nothing to do with politics, and there’s absolutely no connection between him and Sarah Palin, but the connection between THIS Bernie GOON is clear and obvious to ANYONE!!

I don’t say this a lot. I am shocked.

How the hell do you publish this complete crap presenting the most obscenely obvious lie and expect the world to just accept it stupidly when anyone with a memory longer than that of a goldfish knows better?!

Go and [politely] attack the idiots at the New York Times on Twitter, please. If you agree.

Rep. Rohrabacher Says Trump’s Secret Strategy Is To Help ISIS

In a unbelievably stupid move, Dana Rohrabacher told the world that hey, maybe it’s President Trump’s secret plan to help ISIS so that they attack Iran with terror strikes!! And he thought it was be just fantastic if Trump supported ISIS.

That’s gonna make us popular in the Muslim world, huh? Watch below:

The panelists speaking at the Congressional Committee actually seem shocked that he would say such an obscenely stupid thing in public. Just imagine how this is going to play in the Muslim world, which is just as prone to conspiracy theory idiocy as we are. Here is the United States playing the noble hero, but behind the scenes, Trump is orchestrating terror attacks with the pig-dogs of ISIS!! Thanks Rohrabacher!!

Also, wasn’t this one of the conspiracy theories that WikiLeaks was supposed to expose Hillary on? Isn’t that amazing? We were all whipped up into a fury at the possibility of an evil horror on the part of Hillary that is now an incredible virtue if Trump does it.

I can’t think of a better story that exemplifies just how pathetically tribalistic politics has become.

SoOperPodcast #250!! Tentacled Solipsism and Comey Testimony!!

THIS WEEK we are forced to talk about adult tentacled entertainment from the far East because our more base fans demanded it!! Also we bore Matt about the ins and outs of the Comey testimony and also why the Middle East is imploding!! And we FIND a STORY about Trump that el Sooper ACTUALLY likes!! It’s a miracle!! Wow!! You MUST LISSEN!!!

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Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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SoOperPodcovfefe #249! With Barron Lebron Kathy Philanges!

THIS EDITION OF THE SOOPER-PODCOVFEFE we talk about Trump’s mistaken tweet typos, why Lebron is wrong and Jason Whitlock is right, and why Jason Whitlock is wrong and Lebron is RIGHT!! Unfortunately, Matt says something insensitive about Barron Trump that el SOOPER shared with him in PRIVATE and then forced him to talk about it on the podcast. “Oh what is RONG with you! Y’all are so odd!” was Jessica Hedding’s response. Rabid little Korean women and collusion is legal and great and wonderful!! Wow you have to listen NOW!!!

Click here to listen to the podcast if the player doesn’t pop up above on your browser.

Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

ALSO!! We now have a patreon – so you have to PAY to listen to the extra podcast, suckers!! HAHAHAHAH!!! Go there and give us money. We entertain you.

Here are some of the stories we talked about:

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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The BEST Global Liberal Meltdown Tweets Over Trump Schlonging the Paris treaty!!

OK, so liberals are absolutely imploding over Trump pulling us out of the Paris Climate Hoax Treaty. We tried to find the best tweets for you to peruse and laugh over – ENJOY!!

So heavy. That’s Alanis Morissette level-irony there.

Man Paul Ryan can’t catch a break – he’s a traitor to both sides! LOL!

Yes, GE CEO, that’s what we want. We don’t want government intervention, do it on your own. And if you become inefficient then someone else will replace you.

Elon Musk is headin’ for the hills!!

Baldwin knows – people have been shunning him for years.


This is great:

If it’s so insignificant, then why is everyone freaking out? Why are they saying the world will perish without it if it’s so impotent? LOL!!

Because raaaaacism!!

UH, the way this is headin, you better plan for at least eight, dimwit! LOL!

People of color hardest hit!! I feel it in my Mexican skin!!!

This is the best – watch this burn:

Here it comes:

Oh dayammmm….

LOOK, even I, Trump critic that I am, have to admit this global liberal meltdown is amaaazing!! Thank you President Trump! #MAGA!! LOL!

Trumpstitutionalist Eric Bolling: We’re ‘Beyond’ The First Amendment Argument Now

I’ve been watching something very interesting happen on the Fox News shows. Very slowly, the supposed lovers of the Constitution are pushing Trump to move beyond the document.

Last night was a good example. Eric Bolling frames the debate over Kathy Griffin’s idiotic photo of Trump as a First Amendment issue, but not in a positive light.

Watch below:

You catch that? He says that because Barron Trump was hurt by the photo that we’re “beyond the First Amendment argument.”

So what is the principle here? If a member of the Trump family has their feelings hurt, we can suspend our constitutional protections?

Perhaps you think that’s an unfair exaggeration – but I’ve seen Sean Hannity appear to call for Trump to martial law in American cities, and either he or Bolling said Trump just needs to take over the legislature if they aren’t going to do his bidding. They frame as it “the will of the people” of course.

Ironically, Trump hasn’t been nearly as dictatorial or totalitarian as his critics said, but to be fair, it was based on Trump’s own words. That must be why Trump-humping cultists like Bolling and Hannity are so frustrated – Trump isn’t the totalitarian they really wanted him to be…

I’ll have to start documenting how Fox News Trump-humping cultists are pushing him towards totalitarianism – if you have any examples I missed, let me know.