Three Other Things Trump Referred To As ‘High Quality’ Aside From Junior

Trump has defended his son today after the New York Times bombshells that he lied about meeting with Russian officials to seek damaging information on Hillary Clinton before the election.

He called him a “high quality person.”

So what does “high quality” mean to Trump?

I found three times in his twitter account he referred to something as “high quality.”

One was… the MEXICANS!!!

Great, good people, some are drug mules, and criminals and rapists, but otherwise, high quality people. Great. Tremendous.

Another was a retweet about his ties.

Tremendous ties, the best, only the best tie material are used by the best tie making people to make Trump ties. Tremendous.

And finally… Trump brand shirts, ties and suits at Macy’s.

Yes, yes, tremendous.

So you can trust Trump Junior because he’s high quality, just like, the Mexicans, Trump ties, and the tremendous Trump brand shirts, ties and suits at Macy’s.