Ralph Peters BRUTALIZES Tucker Carlson For His Putin Appeasement

This is the best. Finally someone called Tucker Carlson for the pathetic Putin appeaser that he has been ever since Trump was elected.

Watch below:

Dude. That was pretty bad ass. They pretty much took their gloves off on this one, and you don’t often see that. But Peters has the edge here, and Carlson knows it – he’s been cheering for Putin as much as possible and pushing populism on his idiotic show for months now.

I’ve watched Carlson go out of his way to say that Americans have no interest if Russia swallows up free countries around it in order to reconstitute the old Soviet Union. It’s absolutely insane. He uses every witless rhetorical trick he can conjure up to make his poor arguments sound rational.

I’m glad Ralph Peters called him on it, but I think that just means we won’t see Ralph Peters on Fox News anymore.

Here’s the entire segment:

Now that’s some good obliteratin’.