Hannity’s Trump-Sucking Conspiracy Mongering Hits Him In The Ratings

The progressive lefty liberals at MSNBC are finally seeing a jump in ratings, and the unbelievably boring Lawrence O’Donnell is actually trouncing Sean Hannity now…

That’s insane when you consider how much stock this president in particular puts in ratings. He’s absolutely obsessed with them.

It looks like the anti-Trump cultists of the left are reaping the ratings rewards:

Now they’re still neck in neck with Fox:

But I remember the days when Fox would regularly snatch up more viewers than the other cable news channels COMBINED.

There is one caveat – Fox News is winning in total viewers over all throughout the day. But MSNBC is catching up.

Are Trumpers tuning out now that they have so much winning?

Maybe it’s all the shameless pathetic conspiracy-mongering Sean Hannity does, while screaming that the Democrats are spewing conspiracies. Or maybe it’s all the corrections he has to issue because he regurgitates fake news so much.
All I know is that if I wasn’t given the opportunity at the Right Scoop, a fine website by the way, to register my grievances against the dishonest and insultingly stupid coverage on Fox News, I wouldn’t watch a moment of it.

Well. Except the Five of course….