Liberal Meltdown, the Susan Collins Kavanaugh Edition!

Here’s a running list of nutty liberal meltdowns over Susan Collins and Joe Manchin deciding to vote for Kavanaugh.

Collins is just like a rape apologist when you think about it:

This moron has 216k followers, and he’s threatening a U.S. Senator:

BUT HE DEFENDS THE MALE who voted the same way!

LOL!! Talk about liberal white male privilege!!

Here’s how they’re going to justify any bullying or violence of harassment against Collins:

Same thing they say about all white people, and it’s despicable.

Look at this idiot:

Kinda like people kill babies in the womb when it’s inconvenient?

The Aristocrats!

Not so pro-woman now:

Benedicta Arnolda!

Self-hating Republican! LOL!

So clever, he made the joke everyone else is making:

This is one of the reasons she voted against them because they were trying to extort her:

Ahhhh, this weekend is going to be a good time: