A Short Twitterological Study of Trumper Response to House Loss

On days like this, there’s nothing like doing a deep dive into the amazingly execrable mind of Bill Mitchell, one of our favorite conspiracy zealot Trumpers.

He’s not a regular supporter of Trump, he’s a religious zealot. He worships Trump with coital fervor.

So that’s why it’s so fun to see his reaction to the loss of the House of Representatives to the Democrats.

There are about 6 stages of the Trumper zealot phenomenon (with a few from Cernovich to fill it in).

ONE) Prediction of a massive, historic victory over the heretical enemies of Trump.

(This tweet above is actually pinned to his front page on Twitter)

TWO) Surprise when the prediction turns out to be false.

THREE) Assigning blame to others, never-ever-Trump, He-who-is-without-blame.


FOUR) Self-delusion that failure is actually BETTER for Trump!!


If only he could lose the Senate too, then he could really get things done!!!

FIVE) Declaration of a vast evil conspiracy that undermined the great intellect of the One True TRUMP!!

SIX) Go back to pretending it’s *actually* a victory!

OK, so he’ll go back and forth between five and six until he settles on whether it was a vast conspiracy by nevertrumpers and the illuminati, or if it’s actually good for Trump, who was playing 345th level chess all along. Actually, it’ll be both – a conspiracy that actually played into the master’s hands!!!!

Ironically, Democrats went through the same process when Hillary lost. Hmm. Weird.

You know what? I believe every tweet Bill Mitchell posts. I choose to believe him. It is an self-fornicative act of my intellect and will.