Democrat who wrote California ‘gig economy’ law says people who lost their jobs didn’t have REAL jobs

In this incredible clip, the moron Democrat from the California legislature who wrote the law targeting the “gig economy” seriously has the gonads to say that all the people who lost their jobs because of her moronic law didn’t really have real jobs.

“These aren’t jobs.”

Wow. What better example can there be of the abject arrogance of these elitist Democrats can there be? Lorena Gonzalez basically laughs off all of those jobs that were lost by freelancers because of her stupid law. Incredible.

You can see the context of her comment in a longer clip at The Right Scoop.

Here are some of the people who didn’t lose real jobs:

[tweet https://twitter.com/blazemontevideo/status/1214008593273352192]

These. Aren’t. Jobs. According to Lorena.

And how Orwellian of her to literally try to redefine words in order to mask the fact that her law lost people their jobs. Freelancers always refer to these contracts as jobs, especially if they’re ongoing contracts. But you have to rewrite language in order to make sense of these policies. Great job Lorena!

If you can stand to watch it, the rest of the debate is incredible – she just oozes this scummy condescension and arrogance.

And that’s not surprising – here’s how she reacted to people who are upset that they lost their livelihood:

Just shut up and take it, because the government knows how to run your life better than you do! It’s funny because Lorena sure does know how to get people unemployed, but she is not gonna pay their rent or feed their kids. She looks rather well fed herself, though, doesn’t she?

And before you laugh and think it’s just California’s problem, trust me, this idiocy is moving to other states. It always starts in California and spreads like a cancer to the rest of the nation….


Here’s the entire infuriating interview: