Disgusting video shows drag queen dancing suggestively to little girl while crowd applauds

A new low in our civilization hit those of us with common sense and a conscience, and it came in the form of a Tik Tok video of a gross drag queen practically giving a lap dance to a small girl. An audience watches and applauds:

What the hell are people thinking? This is thoroughly disgusting and it is astounding to me that parents actually believe it’s ok to expose their children to sexualization like this. Wasn’t the Super Bowl half time show bad enough?!

The Blaze posted some responses to the video:

  • “I just don’t believe it. I’m gay and eternally grateful for the change in society. But children should be allowed a childhood. These people not only do not speak for me, they p*ss me off intensely.”
  • “This is an adult entertainer performing a sexual dance to a toddler. Every adult that is laughing and clapping is engaging in child abuse.”
  • “This is a truly grotesque illustration of our moral collapse.”
  • “They fought for this, we need to fight back! Our children are being brainwashed, at the most formative time in their lives.”
  • “Dear God what have we done.”
  • “Something’s wrong w/ adults in this video standing by letting this happen w/ their clapping, smiles & keeping in tune with a drag queen with derriere hanging out of very short shorts dancing before an innocent little girl … Products of lib brainwashing by the non-conforming left.”

I’m sorry, but this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes us Trump critics look past some of his less savory behavior and comments. At least he’s not advocating for our children to be subjected to this kind of perversity. Low bar, I know, but it’s the left who is setting it…