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The coronavirus pandemic is horrible, but here are some funny tweets about it anyway [Updated]

Well coronavirus is rampaging throughout the world, killing people and destroying economies. We’re not sure what we’re doing, and we’re not sure who to listen to about what we should do.

But you know what? At least Twitter hasn’t lost its sense of humor about it all.

Here are some of the funnier tweets I’ve found about our horrible global affliction [This post will be continually updated].


Very funny, but language caution:

I dislike these two intensely, but… this is very funny:

This is really inspiring:

I’m gonna add to this post, for my own sense of sanity, so if you have anything you found funny, or inspiring, and worth posting, let me know in the comments or on the twitters. You know the name.

There you go. Go out, be good to one another, and wash your hands.