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CNN’s climate propagandist Bill Weir is trying really hard to blame the coronavirus on deforestation and the Bible

CNN’s climate change propagandist Bill Weir is getting to be an especially comical and absurdist addition to their left-wing puppets posing as journalists. Watch this pathetic video where he sorrowfully apologizes to his newborn son, River, for his being born under the dark shadow of climate change:

That is the very definition of cringe. Here’s the text version:

Against all odds you were conceived in a lighthouse, born during a pandemic and will taste just enough of Life as We Knew It to resent us when it’s gone.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry we broke your sea and your sky and shortened the wings of the nightingale.

I’m sorry that the Great Barrier Reef is no longer great, that we value Amazon™ more than the Amazon and that the
waterfront neighborhood where you burble in my arms could be condemned by rising seas before you’re old enough for a mortgage.

And look he actually shoves in a Bible verse in there, in order to blame the Bible and capitalism. What the hell? LOL!

See, for decades, scientists told us that if we weren’t careful, humans would unleash an invisible enemy out of the jungle and into our lungs. But that was a story few wanted to believe.

So we kept cutting down jungles — and prairies and mangroves and the last few the places where the wild things are — to pave and plow, develop and devour everything inside.

As you get older, this will be hard to understand. But we were under the spell of Genesis 1:28: to take dominion over every living thing. We had the strange urge to carve straight lines out of nature’s curves and were under the spell of a uniquely human force called “profit motive.”

What a tool.

When we finally realized that the worried scientists were right, people got scared and went searching for potions and protections. They emptied store shelves even faster than the jungles and all the invisible enemy masks were gone.
Just in time for your birth.
Pathetic. But wait there’s more!! He goes after his OWN MOTHER for being Christian! LOL!
….EVERYTHING in our man-made world — flags and borders, money and markets, laws and religions — all of it came from the stories we tell ourselves. Some are older than others. They vary by time and place. And all of them are under constant revision.
Take your Grandma Pat. She believed the stories in a very old book with such passion, we followed her dreams from our home in Wisconsin all over the Bible Belt where the heroes were Jesus, cowboys and oilmen.

So we burned gasoline for no good reason. We left Prosperity Gospel megachurches, tied a rope to a dirt bike and belly-surfed across a sod farm. We rooster-tailed across Lake Tenkiller on two-stroke Jet Skis and cruised mall parking lots in muscle cars singing “The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”
Turns out that it doesn’t, and it does. I’m sorry.

Wow. Quite a self-hating eco-warrior Weir is. But he actually cut all the anti-Christian stuff out of the video edit of his letter. Weird huh?

And you thought Chris Cuomo was CNN’s biggest drama queen when he faked his exit from coronavirus quarantine. Watch out Fredo, Weir is coming for your crown!!

And, just like last week when everyone made fun of him, he goes off AGAIN and claims stupidly that the coronavirus is somehow created be deforestation, WHEN IT WAS CLEARLY CREATED BY COMMUNIST SCIENTISTS SWABBING BATS IN THEIR BUTTHOLES IN A LABORATORY IN WUHAN, CHINA.

How stupid does he think we are? I mean, his audience is watching CNN, so I guess he thinks we’re pretty damn stupid.

I’m thinking this is his attempt to idiotically link the pandemic to environmentalism when it has ZERO connection to it, and I would wager that he’s gonna keep doing it in order to try to change the narrative on the coronavirus.

But anyway, good luck kid, you have a sentimental douche for a father. You’re gonna have to find some masculine role model who isn’t wasting his time sobbing over the spotted owl or some crap.

Finally. Why the hell are you telling your kid where you banged his mom? And put it on the INTERNET?! Poor little River’s gonna have a tough time in eighth grade when those little monsters find out about THAT mistake.

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Well anyway, here are some funny tweets to help you cleanse that crappy cringe from your eyeballs:

I don’t think this is anything political, looks like just a traffic/pedestrian disagreement:

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